Certified Natural

Dr. Sheffield's Toothpaste is Certified by the Natural Products Association, which is the nation’s largest and oldest non-profit organization dedicated to the natural products Industry.

That means naturally-sourced & naturally-derived ingredients with minimal processing. You can be assured your toothpaste is safe, clean and free of toxic ingredients.



No Fluoride
No Synthetic Detergents or Foaming Agents
No Artificial Preservatives,
Flavors, or Colors



You know what we call
natural toothpaste?



No Genetically Modified Organisms.
Not then, not now, not ever.



Cruelty Free.
Absolutely, paws-itively

Sharing is Caring

  • Jay M.
    This is the best toothpaste that I have ever used! For me, it whitens better than other brands with harsh chemical additives!
    Jay M.
  • Mara D.
    I only buy natural and organic toothpastes and am very picky about my toothpaste. I stopped in to CVS to see if they had an all natural toothpaste. Took my chance on this one. OMG! I love it. My teeth feel and look so clean. I found a new toothpaste. Thank you!
    Mara D.
  • Darrian W.
    This toothpaste is the BEST!!!!!!! The GOAT when it comes to toothpaste! I've never found a more natural fluoride free toothpaste anywhere else other than this brand at my local CVS. I'm the kind of person to look up the ingredients to see just how natural it really is and, to no surprise, Dr. Sheffield's passed my test with flying colors. It's the really deal if you're as serious about your oral health as I am. There's no way I could go back to fluoride toothpaste ever again!
    Darrian W.
  • Anna T.
    "Best toothpaste ever and their commitment to cruelty free is very admirable. Thank you for caring when so many don’t."
    Anna T.
  • Rob L.
    "Have had teeth my entire life. As such have experimented with all manner of dentifrice. Let me state simply that having recently stumbled quite by random onto Dr. Sheffield's fine formula I shall henceforth be a staunch and vocal supporter. Highly recommended for anyone sporting a full or partial set of mastication instrumentation."
    Rob L.
  • Lisa Z.
    "This is highly recommended! My mouth is super clean with a natural mint taste, not bothersome. I love buying NATURAL!"
    Lisa Z.
  • David I.
    "The peppermint is the best toothpaste!, it has such a smooth, clean, and leaves a refreshing taste and feeling after use, and not that over the top fake taste, like most popular brands do, or that burn your mouth feeling like most others do. Dr. Sheffield's will always be in my medicine cabinet."
    David I.