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Dr. Sheffield’s® Extra Whitening Toothpaste

(449 customer reviews)

Dr. Sheffield’s Extra Whitening Toothpaste combines its enzymes from pineapples and papayas with real mint flavor to give you a bright smile.

Twin Pack Size: 5 oz – 2 Pack (10 oz Total)


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Additional information

Weight 16.6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 8 in

Twin Pack


10 oz (2 x 5 oz), 5 oz




Brush thoroughly, preferably after each meal but at least twice a day, or as directed by a dentist or physician.


Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Water (purified), Vegetable Glycerin, Calcium Carbonate, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Quillaja Saponaria Molina, Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Xylitol, Carrageenan, Xanthan Gum, Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf/Stem Extract, Yucca Schidigera Leaf/Root/Stem Extract, Smilax Aristolochiifolia Root Extract, Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) Root Extract, Papain, Bromelain, Natural Peppermint Flavor, Natural Menthol, Natural Spearmint Flavor, Natural Fennel Flavor, Iris Florentina (Orris) Root Powder, Propolis Extract, Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Resin Extract.


Tube: Product packaged in recyclable aluminum tube with BPA-free, food grade lining.
Cap: Cap is made from #5 PP.
Carton: Product box is made from #21 fully recyclable paperboard.


Our aluminum tubes are lined with a BPA-free food grade liner that helps maintain the quality and taste of the toothpaste. The toothpaste is fully preserved, and not effected by the tube.
Sealed for freshness, use toothpaste cap to break seal on tube.

End of Life

Tube: When finished with your toothpaste, carefully cut the top and bottom of your tube off. Open and clean off residual toothpaste, then recycle in curbside bin if aluminum is accepted near you.
Cap: Remove completely from the container prior to recycling. Cap may be recycled where small #5 plastics are accepted; however, some curbside programs cannot sort out small plastics. Check with your local facility!
Carton: Paperboard box can be recycled in curbside bins.


Look no further. Here’s our Extra Whitening toothpaste that has no fluoride and all the best qualities for your teeth!

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Experience next-level brightness with our extra whitening toothpaste, because your smile deserves to shine as brilliantly as you do. 

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Experience the power of natural whitening with our flavor-packed toothpaste, no artificial flavors needed.

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Achieve that extra sparkle with our extra whitening toothpaste, because a brighter smile is always in style. 

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This is a judgment-free zone. Just you, your extra whitening toothpaste, and a smile that outshines them all! Sparkle without apology. 

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Chill vibes only! Extra whitening as cool as an Artic breeze. 🦷 😁🥥

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Summer breeze and fresh goodness - what brushing with Dr. Sheffield's Extra Whitening feels like 🤍
Have the kind of smile your dentist calls other dentists about with Dr. Sheffield's Extra Whitening. Combining its enzymes from pineapples and papayas with real mint flavor. it will give you the right confidence for your next dentist appointment..

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The difference is uncanny! Our extra whitening toothpaste will make your teeth sparkle in the dark.	
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Have you gone Coco-nuts for our Extra Whitening yet? It's a common side effect.
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Show some extra love to our best seller and our personal favorite extra whitening, the OG since1850.
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449 reviews for Dr. Sheffield’s® Extra Whitening Toothpaste

  1. Monty

    This is the best toothpaste ever. I’veve tried all of the varieties except the sensitive , I wish online had all the varieties. Only CVS has all of them.

  2. Donna

    Dr. Sheffield’ves toothpaste is all natural and does not contain fluoride or toxins. The wintergreen flavor tastes great and my teeth felt smooth and clean after brushing.

  3. SM

    I love the taste. It comes out smooth. A really nice product with a classy look. The top is a very well designed screw top. Ever tried that flip top that Colgate has.? The toothpaste gums up at the top. This one doesnt. Natural ingredients and includes whitener. A real winner.

  4. J-Rad

    Tastes awesome.

  5. Paul

    Not sure what the negative reviews are about. Love Love Love this Wintergreen flavor. All natural ingredients, no tooth sensitivity, love it!

  6. Peter Wood

    I really like the results of using this product

  7. SARJ

    Excellent natural toothpaste, good whitening, good taste. However, please be sure this is NOT used on dogs as it contains Xylitol. This is for humans only and it works wonders on humans!

  8. Tara

    Not only did this brand invent toothpaste and toothpaste in a tube, it’s natural and it’s very effective.

  9. SanityCoaster

    I was OK with all the ingredients in this until I saw Carrageenan in it. For those who don’t know, this “Thickening” agent, though derived from natural sources (Doesn’t mean it’s good ALL the time.), can have some pretty nasty side affects. For some, it can cause inflammation in the digestive tract. I didn’t know this till I went from drinking a name brand almond milk that had carrageenan in it to a brand of almond milk that no longer puts carrageenan in it’s products. Almost instantly my IBS issues stopped.
    It was my personal doctor that told me to find a milk alternative that does not have carrageenan in it and use it for a month to see if there were any changes and there were, my digestive pain and bloating went away. I cannot drink cows milk, not even lactose free, so I drank nut milks for years. After doing some extensive online research on carrageenan, I found that most studies (Not all, which is typical) conclude that carrageenan can trigger bouts of inflammation, gastrointestinal ulcerations, and damage your digestive system if consumed over a length of time. Some people might argue that you’re not ingesting the product so what’s the big deal? The deal is that even in toothpaste, you do ingest small amounts occasionally and it can be absorbed through the skin.

    I am sure I will get some BS story by the manufacturer that studies about carrageenan are not 100% correct. Most companies that use such a product would try to defend it’s ingredients after all, but the fact that you can get this information by many different reputable sources online AND, the fact that I stopped having IBS within a week after switching from a carrageenan based nut milk to a non-carrageenan based nut milk (The same nut, mind you so no, it’s not the nuts fault.) was all the proof I need to know that I will never approve of anything no matter how great it seems on the surface, that contains products known to have averse side affects like carrageenan.
    If that one little ingredient was left out, I would actually buy this product again because it does seem to work well and I like the flavor. But, till then, I am sticking with Bronner’s.

  10. DOlsten

    It’s not gritty and has pleasant taste. Doesn’t foam up as much as other tooth pastes, which I like and doesn’t use alot of sugar either. My teeth feel clean with no residue.

  11. Irish Lass

    I like everything about this product. It tastes nice and leaves my mouth feeling very fresh and clean.

  12. Jim Davidson

    All natural

  13. 1momand4sons

    I love this stuff. All natural, refreshing, leaves a clean feeling for a whole day. Plus I think the packaging is super retro cool.

  14. Nellular

    I have learned to just get through brushing with the natural toothpastes. They see usually gross, but I love this. I was thinking, oh man work I had ordered two and then remembered they were a two pack. I’ll set for a while, phew.

  15. jacksoc7

    This toothpaste is the best. Unlike other all natural toothpastes I have used, this is NOT chalky, it has a great flavor, and cleans my teeth wonderfully.

  16. Deborah Hazelton

    Great foaming action and great taste. Leaves my teeth feeling clean and breath fresh! Consistency is like the brands with Flouride without the danger of using Flouride paste. Glad I bought it and it will be a regular purchase for us now b

  17. nauaoqtpi

    Using a fluoride free toothpaste is not only important to me, it’s a must, as I am allergic to it. I have tried countless brands, some better than others, but the ones I end up liking are usually really expensive and I refuse to pay MLM prices. This stuff, hands down, is my favorite. It tastes good, it makes my teeth feel clean, it’s smooth like regular toothpaste. I will forever buy this product. I love that it comes in a 2 pack making it a little more affordable than other brands I’ve tried. Even my 10 year old son prefers this brand to all others.

  18. The Whole Truth

    I see why this toothpaste has been on the market for so many years ! The texture, flavor and cleaning power are wonderful!!

  19. Gabe

    This is my first time purchasing Dr Sheffield’ves toothpaste and I was really not expecting too much from it but I can say it works great and the flavor was waaaay stronger then expected

    It’ves natural and not full of crazy chemicals & taste great I honestly will be buying again after I run out !

  20. stephanie shelofsky

    So happy I chose this toothpaste
    A winner in every category

  21. Turf

    Love it

  22. A. Allen

    I found myself searching for decently priced fluoride-free toothpaste and came across Dr. Sheffield’s. I really liked that the toothpaste did not contain unnecessary stuff that I can’t pronounce. Sometimes I have found natural toothpastes do not taste all that great, which in the long run just makes me want to go out and find a different brand – such as was the case in my looking for a new toothpaste in the first place.

    I like how clean it makes my teeth feel after using, it is cool, crisp and refreshing, a great way to start the morning! The only downside I can find and it is really a small nitpick is that the packaging appears to be metal, but is plastic instead. This isn’t a huge drawback to me and would not stop me from purchasing this brand again when I need to reorder.

  23. JSV

    We switched from Tom’s to this toothpaste. Natural ingredients. Appealing “taste”

  24. Del

    I’ve been seeing, tasting, and feeling the difference of this toothpaste just a few days of my first use. It is not that foamy compared to other toothpaste but it is definitely better in terms of cleaning and whitening of my teeth. I also love the taste. I can smell my own breath’s freshness even after a couple of hours.

  25. Jessica W

    I tried this toothpaste a few months back and fell in love. I’m big on all natural products to and this toothpaste is definitely a winner. My chompers feel so fresh and so clean, clean.

  26. jenpech

    Great toothpaste! I occasionally get a rash from fluoride toothpaste, so switching to this brand was a no brainer. The wintergreen flavor is good, but I prefer the original. My mouth feels really clean!

  27. Michael Anglado

    This is the best toothpaste.

  28. Tim

    I love this naturally fresh toothpaste. Some all natural toothpastes have a bad aftertaste, and don’t have that habit-forming “fresh feeling.” Sheffield’s leaves your breath smelling great without feeling like you’ve gotten an industrial strength cleaning. And, this is a small point, but I like that it stands up on its own in my cabinet!

  29. Kris H.

    If you like sweet minty toothpaste this is the one for you. I am not a sweet toothpaste fan unfortunately.

  30. LJWIII

    Really like this toothpaste. No fluoride

  31. Jose Luis Guzman

    I like the natural and refreshing flavor of this tooth paste.

  32. MoxLo84

    If you are comparing this to other natural toothpastes it is much better. Tastes like real toothpaste with no aftertaste. As for the clean, it’s comparable to other natural pastes. My teeth hurt within a few days and I went back to my normal paste. My boyfriend, who is more of a natural toothpaste fan, loves it. To each their own.

  33. Christin Coffey

    Love this toothpaste I love that is fluoride free amazing product love that it comes in a two pack

  34. T&C Computers

    Love this flavor, and that it’s organic and no harmful ingredients.

  35. MarVelous me

    My husband used to get mouth sores all the time until we changed toothpaste to these. Will be ordering again soon

  36. Jack

    This is my first time to try this type of product. Overall, I really liked this toothpaste. It tastes just as good. It whitens my teeth just like my previous ones. I just like the fact that it was made from organic and natural ingredients. I can say that I will not switch back to my old toothpaste anymore.

  37. King

    If you’re going all natural, you can’t miss this. I’ve been using this for a month and changing brands never ever crossed my mind. The satisfaction I get with this toothpaste is really at its highest. I don’t know why I bothered to use the other well-known products while this is just waiting for me to be bought.

  38. Denise

    Awesome toothpaste! I like its taste and how fresh my mouth feels like after brushing. No wonder this has got such a high rating.

  39. Jayden Hye Goh

    This toothpaste gives me super fresh and clean feeling after brushing my teeth. It doesn’t taste like any other toothpastes, it’ves better than any other brands. I ordered one for my mom as well and she loves it.

  40. Julio E. Ferreris

    I bought this toothpaste because I thought it looked neat and the description sounded interesting. Honestly, I don’t find it as amazing as other people have stated. The taste is absolutely disgusting. It literally starts off tasting like one of those disgusting Harry Potter jelly beans. The one that tastes like puke. Eventually you start getting the mint but by then your already about to puke yourself. The texture is fine. Can’t really complain but I don’t really buy toothpaste for the texture.

    If you’re looking for all natural and fluoride free, I’d probably stick to Toms of Maine or Hello. This is definitely not worth the money

  41. Chibabe

    I love the fact that it took care of bad breath and gave a minty flavor.

  42. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    I love this toothpaste

  43. Kirks

    A very refreshing feeling on my mouth is what this toothpaste gives me every time I use it. I have replaced my toothpaste in the house and in the office with this. Is it possible to be addicted to a toothpaste? Because I think I am.

  44. Joe Walsh

    Really great natural taste. I really dislike unnatural flavors and foam in common market toothpastes and this one is wonderful.

  45. Crissy

    Works well

  46. junior

    A manly toothpaste for a man. I like its wintergreen flavor and I can tell the difference between Crest and an all natural toothpaste like this. This gives me a much cooler and minty breath. I am not switching back to my old toothpaste ever.

  47. Ruth, C

    I love this toothpaste! It’s GREAT knowing there’s no fluoride, only safe and naturally effective ingredients!

  48. Brian E. Huey

    The taste and value. Excellent.

  49. alittlebitofeverything

    Great toothpaste with good flavor. There is no chalky taste to it which is nice.

  50. LM

    I love this product. I switched from regular toothpaste with fluoride and chemicals at the suggestion of my dermatologist and the eczema around my mouth (that I had for 2 years) cleared up in 2 weeks. The natural whitening agents work just as well the regular ones with chemicals. The flavor is mild and refreshing. For best results though I do recommend using an electric toothbrush instead of a manual one.

  51. Rhen

    This toothpaste has no flouride which I love. Wintergreen is my go to, is fresh and lasts a long time.

  52. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Better than expected. Taste was most important. Freshens well.

  53. OC4me

    This tooth paste is all natural and has no fluoride.
    I put a drop of peppermint essential oil in it to make it a stronger minty flavor.

  54. gerald clendaniel

    Great taste & texture!

  55. Banana Bo-bana

    I used a bamboo skewer to get the product out of the tube… Otherwise, it’ves a good product.

  56. Joshua Hainley

    It tastes good and is just like toothpaste but without the bad stuff. I like how i got two. I will definitely order these again!

  57. Maria F

    loved it but the stevia taste was quite strong

  58. Michelle

    I don’vet like minty toothpastes. This is not super minty, and leaves teeth feeling so clean!

  59. Deedra

    I like the taste! Tube is really cute. Top isn’t the best ever but all in all, I really like this toothpaste. The fact its more natural is a great cherry on top!

  60. Jane

    No floride

  61. happycamper

    Good, but it doesn’t leave the freshest taste in mouth. Its really good, but I think it could leave a slightly fresher taste. That said, it is natural and is what we were looking for. Will continue to use.

  62. John Doe

    ALL GOOD…..

  63. Cat B.

    Great toothpaste!

  64. Jessie Hardy

    A little pricey but a great product

  65. Shelley

    I love, love, love this toothpaste. It’s completely natural without all the nasties (i.e. fluoride) in other toothpastes. It tastes good and my teeth feel super clean after use. I highly recommend this toothpaste!

  66. Monica V.

    Love it! My breath feels fresh and sweet all day. No more bad breath. Plus, It’ves not invasive like Colgate that leaves my mouth stinging.

  67. Ruth Gentile


  68. Eric G

    For years I’ve been using Colgate and have never switched. And when I recently experienced sensitivity I used Sensodyne.

    I have used this toothpaste before back in the late 1970s when I was a child, but never really used it on a regular basis because my folks often bought us children’s toothpaste that were often flavored. Hence using Colgate for years.

    But now I’ve stayed with this original brand Dr. Sheffield’s for quite some time now albeit it’s a bit more dollars on the pocket. It has a great feeling after brushing, doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste and keeps my mouth and teeth feeling fresh.

    What’s great about it is that it removes all the fanciness of all the other brand names offer such as colored mint flavorings, baking soda, fresh crystals, blended mouthwash, etc.

    It has stuck to it true form and ingredients of what a toothpaste should really be.

  69. Heather Goodlett

    Great taste! Leaves your mouth feeling fresh

  70. Lili Cai

    I don’vet like

  71. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Best tasting natural, non-fluoride toothpaste!

  72. Ccollins

    …it’s toothpaste…

  73. Elaha

    I fell for reviews I have very sensitive teeth so I thought going organic will help but this doesn’vet even last an hour. My breath felt awful within an hour of brushing my teeth no matter the time the flavor is great so I’vem giving 3 stars but the toothpaste is not good at all. Doesn’vet clean doesn’vet whiten definitely doesn’vet refreshen.

  74. Frank

    My wife says that all the other natural tooth pastes that i had got left her feeling like she needed to brush again. Not with this! She said it makes her mouth feel fresh and I feel guilt free using it because if how natural it is.

  75. MrsIzutani

    We love this stuff. A great alternative to regular toothpaste. Love the flavor. Has just a tiny bit of griddiness. It’ves mild but leaves your mouth feeling great.

  76. GG and KS

    After HELLO stopped making my favorite SWEET MINT toothpaste I was on the hunt for a new one. I don’t like overpowering minty stuff so I wanted to find another sweet mint product. I really liked this brand, formula, taste and the tubes. Will buy again.

  77. Jasmac

    I have been searching for a natural toothpaste for awhile now and I’vem so glad I stumbled across this brand! Dr. Sheffield’ves toothpaste is fluoride free and leaves a really nice taste in your mouth unlike some other “natural” toothpastes.

  78. Kenzie

    I love this Toothpaste. I’ve been using it for a while now, and I have super sensitive teeth, and I’ve noticed this actually helps. It also does seem to whiten my teeth as well.

  79. jessie Martinez.

    This is great toothpaste this is what should be should be even my wife approved and she’ves extremely picky so that made me feel better

  80. Cheri Amos

    Teeth look and feel great.

  81. it keeps sighting me out

    Love this stuff

  82. Paula Pucciarelli

    Loooove this taste. Refreshing

  83. CatS

    Wish I could still get this!!! it’s my favorite and will keep looking for it!

  84. kevin

    Liked it but it was extremely difficult to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube! (At least the charcoal variety) I was actually standing on the tube in the shower to squeeze it! Wow

  85. SJ

    I really like this toothpaste. Something about traditional brands sort of makes me woozey so I’ve been using natural toothpaste. The flavor on this is great. Thank you!

  86. Blythe Baxter

    Doesn’vet have too much foam but that ok. Gradually whitens teeth. You can taste the natural ingredients.

  87. Haley

    Hands down the best toothpaste I’veve ever used. I’veve tried all kinds of natural fluoride free toothpaste and every one of them just seem dull and lack that bitey minty taste. This one really whitens, and leaves my mouth feeling so fresh, clean and minty long after I’veve brushed my teeth.
    My husband and I will never use anything else.

  88. loupbatho

    An american toothpaste which is the best I think, even better than Coral White, a ruler. Natural, bio, toothpastes are difficult to have. Lot of them are not good at all, and chemical often, some are horrible…
    Anglo-saxon toothpastes are so better, and this one is a super ruler!

  89. Zep

    It’s decent toothpaste but it leaves your sink a gory mess.

  90. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    constantly searching for the best natural toothpaste. This might be my new brand. Totally love it.

  91. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Great taste and texture. Minty fresh. Cruelty free.

  92. nastjazh99

    well bleaches, does not damage enamel

  93. Brian

    didnt realize you cant use it daily but havent used it long enough yet to see a benefit

  94. Mariam Issa

    Lovely fresh flavor and scent, it feels ‘good’ for my teeth, I only gave it 4 stars because I used to use this toothpaste almost 12 years ago and I can almost swear that it’s whitening power was magic, so maybe the formula has changed?

  95. L. Joyce

    I tried this toothpaste and after the very first use, I was amazed at how much whiter my teeth were! I was using Crest White Strips and not getting the results I got from one use of Sheffield’s. I love that the ingredients are natural, too. I now use it every morning (I use CT3X in the evenings to help create a healthy biofilm for my teeth.) My teeth have never been whiter! It tastes great too!

  96. Butterflygirlread

    The best toothpaste I have ever used! Great taste, does not hurt my sensitive teeth and you only need a pea sized amount.

  97. Maria Isabel Orozco

    Very good

  98. Taylor

    This toothpaste is good. It’s not too sudsy and it feels natural. I can definitely see some whitening with my teeth, which is nice, BUT I bought this toothpaste thinking (or, assuming rather) that the tube was metal, only to find out that it is plastic, which is disappointing as I am trying to reduce my plastic-usage. Especially disappointing since I could only find it in a two pack.

    Just wish it was a metal tube, otherwise perfect!

  99. Kaykate

    Works great!

  100. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    There were some days of travel or being out of town where I did not have this toothpaste with me. I did notice a difference in the color of my teeth each time I returned, meaning they were less white. I can’t say that this “extra whitening” formula makes my teeth look exceptionally white as though bleached, but I can say that regular daily use has helped remove a small degree of my old stains as well as stave off new stains for me as a coffee drinker. I really enjoy this mild mint flavor (it’s a not “spicy”) and my mouth feels refreshed after each brush, unlike some other natural toothpaste brands that have an unpalatable mint flavor along with no fresh sensation afterwards. Overall, I like this toothpaste enough to recommend giving it a try. Didn’t give five stars because I haven’t tried enough natural toothpastes to claim Dr. Sheffield’s is the best. P.S. If it matters, this tube can stand upright on its cap!

  101. Jessica

    Best toothpaste out there. All other products I usually feel left on plaque but this stuff takes care of that. Also the whiting effect is noticeable after 2 weeks. (Not as good as strips or professional but still noticeable)

  102. Emzki

    Its BLACK! You wind up looking like you’vere in some weird zombie movie while brushing your teeth…

  103. Nichole

    Cleans your teeth well and love the taste

  104. Joe Mandeville

    Best toothpaste ever

  105. Lillulu57

    Love this toothpaste

  106. Dagmar Crombie

    This is my new favorite toothpaste! I don’t mind paying a little more for what is NOT in the ingredients. My teeth are still very smooth when I wake up in the morning!

  107. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Great tooth paste recommended by Kirk Minihane. Quality product, thanks to Kirk for suggesting it. I hope Dr Sheffeld’s keeps work with the Kirk Minihane Show, it is a great partnership!

  108. Edward B. / Laura B.

    I love the taste and texture.

  109. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Only toothpaste that I can use.

  110. Brenda A Dando


  111. Alex Brull

    Best toothpaste on the market

  112. Aleksandra

    Thank you for quickly resolving an error in quantity and fast delivery! Great product!
    I hope to see Wintergreen toothpaste back on the market! 🙂

  113. Beautyexpert

    Wow! I’veve never written a tooth paste review. Felt the need now. I bought this wanting to try a good natural toothpaste. The others I’veve tried weren’vet great – didn’vet taste well and also didn’vet clean my teeth as well as traditional toothpaste. I’veve been using this for 1 week now – my teeth are whiter, cleaner and when I floss I have less crap in between my teeth. I’vem hooked and will recommend this to family.

  114. Ashley

    Not minty, too sweet, leaves a sweet taste in your mouth afterwards. It’ves also difficult to open the seal, the tiny seal handle broke from all angles and had to poke through and open it with a tooth pick… would have returned it if i could but I did not open it until my last one totally ran out and it’ves past the one month mark 🙁

  115. Diane

    10/10 toothpaste. This gives me the cleanest mouth & doesn’t have a bunch of junk in it.

  116. LuxuryLover

    Love this toothpaste, it’ves near impossible to go back to any other brand after this. Why bother with fluoride toothpaste when you can easily find this brand that is much better for you.

  117. José Garcia Marino

    El producto es excelente.. El packaging me llego en mal estado! 🥵

  118. Colleen

    Good stuff

  119. Lewis Patrick Pullon

    Like the packaging, but the taste is bearable. It’ves not the greatest, but that’ves why it’ves cheap to me. I don’vet understand why they can’vet make it taste more like spearmint.

  120. Yoham

    I am allergic to mints. This was the only two places I can find. No artificial meant

  121. Big Daddy

    Overall this product is great. The only issue is that it taste like a nursing home. Granted, I have never literally tasted a nursing home, but it taste just like how a nursing home smells. If that makes sense.

    Anyways, it is still great toothpaste.

  122. Kyle

    I bought this toothpaste at Kroger because I was looking for some that didn’t have sodium lauryl phosphate in it. This one doesn’t and it tastes and smells great and my teeth feel clean! Quality product and will continue to purchase.

  123. Aaron

    Excellent toothpaste. I love its flavor. It whitens and cleans my teeth well.

  124. Mike

    Kind of thin

  125. DeborahFairbanks

    best texture and taste, that I have found in a toothpaste

  126. Jane P. Snyder

    Nice to know something that works and tastes great is actually good for you. Well packaged

  127. YellowDzn

    Honestly i was loving this toothpaste up until the aftertaste, it leaves one of the worst tastes in my mouth after brushing it’ves virtually unusable!

  128. Brian Markley

    Its great

  129. Judie

    This is the best natural toothpaste I have used. Because of the civic virus we have been unable to get our teeth cleaned as usual. This tooth paste has been able to keep our teeth feeling lean & smooth.

  130. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    I really like it.

  131. KindLeigh

    I can never find wintergreen toothpaste (except for Pepsodent and I don’vet really want to use that) so I was stoked to find this one! It tastes amazing!

    And the packaging is so fantastic that it’ves kind of on display in my bathroom. It’ves actually making me roll it from the top as it gets emptier for the first time in my life!

    And it’ves so cool that he and his son basically invented toothpaste and the tube idea! Who knew that a tube of toothpaste could bring me a bit of joy in this crazy world we live in.

  132. Siani

    I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this because I usually use natural toothpaste but they are all different. However, this one is a game changer! Keeps your breathe fresh for a very long time & even whitens your teeth! If you’re hesitant, just try it! You won’t be disappointed (:

  133. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    I love this stuff now that I have had babies and have needed to do things naturally during pregnancy and breast feeding! My older son (4) only likes this toothpaste now! Great minty flavor! Please don’vet change your formula!

  134. Lee

    My hubby loves it. Great taste, freshness and no harsh ingredients.

  135. Rastonr

    Have tried lots of all natural pastes, this one is my favorite. Have been using the salt paste from weleda but this is better.

  136. Nick

    Fresh, clean, white, and the peace of mind of not having toxic ingredients making direct contact with you first thing in the morning.

  137. Virginia

    Love this

  138. Kem

    Great toothpaste

  139. Reginald Mentor

    Very good product!
    Delivers on all accounts.

  140. Anleandrys Castillo

    It is an excellent product with a flavor of mind but without exaggeration, it has whiten my teeth a lot and the best thing is that it is free of toxic ingredients. I have bought it three times and I will continue to buy it.

  141. Sylvia2tot

    I’m always searching for fluoride-free kinds of toothpaste that everyone is satisfied with the flavors.
    This brand seems to have some good ones so far, we’ve tried the natural and wintergreen flavors and really like them!

  142. Andrew Ev

    super great paste! Very natural

  143. April

    Great deal. Tastes good.

  144. mubarak alhajri


  145. Anna D

    Love the minty flavor and the fact it is NATURAL

  146. S. Kirby

    Taste way that better than Toms

  147. picturethisone

    Very refreshing, minty, and does a find job of scrubbing teeth… Not much wintergreen flavor , but I like how clean it makes the mouth and teeth feel !

  148. JacLynne

    I’m search for the best fluoride free tooth paste I’ve come across some pretty funky flavors, textures and consistency. I’m not as hard to please but this is the only one husband will continue to use. Just like the toothpaste you are used to work the BS!

  149. N

    Amazing toothpaste that is natural without all those harmful chemicals.

  150. Leona

    Good flavor

  151. mike

    I like this, it tastes great but fades fast. use it 3-4 times a day.

  152. Hani L.

    Dr. Sheffield toothpaste is the best. I love the peppermint

  153. Ashley

    I received this as a freebie and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor, quality, and efficiency! I LOVE this toothpaste! It doesn’t foam up because it does not contain artificial detergents, so that was something to get used to (we’re conditioned to believe that is a sign that “it’s working”)

    I would definitely recommend this to ANYONE, whether or not you’re looking for something all-natural or free of harsh chemicals; It TASTES GOOD, and ACTUALLY WHITENS

  154. Dr. Sheffield’s® CustomerLuke castillo

    I ordered the mint toothpaste, leaves your mouth fresh & clean, its the best natural toothpaste for all the health consequences folks, .I highly recommend,

  155. DWN

    Not a fan. I prefer other natural toothpastes. Not enough grit. It also its super hard to wash off a brush.

  156. NorwegianViking777

    We searched for toothpaste that is more natural and organic, we did tried several organic toothpaste but this does what it claims! This product made our teeth shiny, smooth and clean! We traveling a lot due to trucking job, this makes our teeth feeling amazing!

  157. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Bought this for my Dad who is 87 years old. He complained the regular toothpaste is too spicy for him. I found this and asked him to try. He is very happy with it.

  158. Jadonne Hernandez

    My teeth feel clean after I brush good product

  159. scott

    Love the not overwhelming flavor, really cool packaging BUT it is so hard to squeeze it out of the tube. I saw in the comments to run warm water over the tube to loosen up the coconut oil. Have to waste a gallon of water every time I brush. If I lived in cali I would be in jail for that. And yes, I have my mask on while I brush.

  160. AngelKeeper

    Love the flavor and consistency. Have reordered many times.

  161. Mary Whitehead-Figgins

    Feels good when you use thhis.

  162. Edward

    Great taste and works well!


    The taste isn’t harsh or burn, very suttle.
    Makes your mouth and teeth look and feel fresh and clean.
    My kids brush their teeth now without any complaints! The extra whitening gets tea coffee stains!

  164. Adriana Lopez

    It is currently the toothpaste I use.

  165. Dr.b

    Only used for a few days so can’t speak for actually effectiveness as a toothpaste but great taste and leaves my mouth feeling fresh

  166. Melissa

    Leaves teeth feeling super clean and fresh.

  167. stjohngirl

    This tastes a lot better than I thought it would!

  168. Debra Sanford

    I love this toothpaste!! I can already see my teeth are whiter after using this toothpaste. The flavor is refreshing and the paste is not gritty. This is the solution I have been looking for.

  169. Daniel

    great Product

  170. J.M.

    The back of the bottle says to only use 2-3 times a week and not to exceed one daily. Makes no sense. Won’vet be recommending to anyone which is a shame because I really liked it.

  171. Victoria

    Decent flavor, cleans teeth.

  172. P. Bachtel

    Have used this for a long while,local drug store quit carrying it. Glad to get it online.

  173. Vickie

    The only reason why I gave this four stars is it burns my mouth! Normally I can’t use mint but I thought wintergreen would be easier on my mouth. Kept it and my husband’s using it.

  174. O.CL

    It is the first time I try this product. I liked its taste and freshness. A little bit expensive in comparisson with other similar products by the way.

  175. Kari

    Love these. First time purchase. My go to toothpaste now.

  176. Heather McAllister

    I wasn’t expecting the tubes to be such high quality .The flavor is nice ,and it really gets your teeth clean .my teeth are so white now .

  177. NorthEasternBelle

    I very much like this toothpaste as refreshing as peppermint – but tastes better and wholesome ingredients.

  178. Roger Steele

    It’ves just a great toothpaste

  179. Dan

    Video Player is loading.

  180. Chris P.

    For years my mouth cracked at the corners and nothing helped until I was told it was probably an ingredient commonly found in most toothpaste. I tried Dr Sheffield’ves and have not had a problem since.

  181. Lauren Jones

    This toothpaste is the bomb it makes your mouth feel fresh and clean love it

  182. Rhyanna B

    I like the flavor, its not as foaming which I do appreciate and doesn’t burn .. I am glad to see a natural toothpaste to carry on a legacy of this Dentist…
    I first did learn of this tooth paste from a friend of mine who had some and loved it I was looking for a natural toothpaste at the time… I will order again …

  183. B. J. Drwenski

    Great flavor!

  184. Tyrell

    For just using it for the first time It gets an A in every category.

    For starters my teeth feel clean. My teeth are wrecked generally but they are clean. This stuff removes that film layer that everything seems to fail at except a few natural brands.

    The flavor isnt overly intense. Wont flavor food after brushing. It doesnt fill your mouth with foam. It doesnt taste like slime or chemicals.

    If this keeps up as I go through my tubes I found a new favorite.

  185. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Great fresh taste, doesn’vet leave the taste of toothpaste in your mouth. Small amount goes a long way.

  186. brandon dasilva

    Great civil war teethpaste

  187. Kelly sommerfeld

    I’m using this product to restore my teeth w/o the use of fluoride



    * Minty taste is like a Dinner Mint and it lingers for quite a while after brushing 🙂
    * Texture is Soft & Creamy but really does the job efficiently 🙂
    * Mouth feels clean
    * Breath is nice 🙂



    Good Value ~ Good Product ~ Great Taste .. and well, really Cool packaging design(wouldn’t matter to me if it came packaged in a brown bag because the quality is Top Shelf .. but .. the packaging is really cool 🙂

    I Wish I would have found Dr.Sheffields YEARS ago 🙂

    Def will be Ordering a BUNCH MORE to stock up .. don’t really want or need to have any other brand 🙂

  189. Sundisc

    this worked better than all of the regular toothpastes in and taste and polishing.

  190. Pagan Moon

    I bought the whitening version so I’m not sure what the consistency is between this one and the others. I bought this on a whim for a new toothpaste and I was a little hesitant based on a few reviews stating the toothpaste is super hard to get out of the container. The whitening version is perfect consistency and comes out of the tube super easy. I have fresh minty breath for quite a while after brushing.

    This will be my go to toothpaste from now on. My husband loves it as well. I highly recommend!

  191. R. J Family

    I like this very much. I know that it doesn’t include foaming agents because it’s a natural product, but it feels a little weak when brushing. This might not bother others. Otherwise even the kids use it!

  192. thomas

    This is the best my teeth have felt since I was a little kid. They may even feel better now than they did then.

  193. T. H.

    I’veve been using another brand of flouride free toothpaste, and decided on a whim to try Dr. Sheffield’ves. This is my new toothpaste. Smooth, nice flavor, not too intense on the mint and no weird chemical aftertaste. My teeth feel great and clean after every brushing.

  194. M. Rivera

    My nine year old loves this toothpaste. She wanted a big girl toothpaste that didn’t have a really strong mint flavor. This one is just right.

  195. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    I wish it had more “punch” flavor-wise, but that’s an individual preference thing.

  196. Brooklyn

    This toothpaste is a great price and does the job. It’ves clean and makes my mouth feel clean. I don’vet know how well it eliminates odor so possibly would be a good idea to also use mouth wash of some sort.

  197. American

    Really like this toothpaste!

  198. Sean Jacobs

    Really feels clean and fresh. Wintergreen is such a great flavor. This is by far my favorite toothpaste.

  199. Lindsay Thomas

    This is my new favorite toothpaste. Tastes great and actually whitens

  200. Anthony

    Attractive packaging, good price, great flavors, good quality, been using 6 months.

  201. VegasMediaNTech

    I love it’ves my go to toothpaste plus the extra whitening hella works

  202. Normand Patry

    Have been using this toothpaste…after much research…great taste…no after taste…seems to be doing the job…but it’ves leaving a crusting brown staining on my electric toothbrush holder and toothbrush cover. Not sure what that’ves from…but wondering how that is impacting my teeth?? Will switching brands again.

  203. LunaGoddess

    Best part is no fluoride

  204. ncpt007

    I enjoy this toothpaste…good taste and freshens without Flouride.

  205. Mad Jenny Vane

    One of my favorite toothpastes. Love the packaging and mild flavor. I don’t need to wait until I’ve had my coffee or orange juice before I brush my teeth. No major taste clashing. Even my 7 year old likes it.

  206. Vlad Bezden

    Everything is good, but the only problem you can’t keep it vertical. The cap is too small. I have limited space, and for this one, there is no room to keep it horizontally. Other than that, it is a great product.

  207. Aj


  208. MB

    Tastes great, great price!

  209. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Taste a littl different at first but now I wouldn’vet want any other way.

  210. Nina Valdez

    Will keep buying. Great mild flavor. Teeth are clean. Feel good about your product. No flouride..yay. I buys the kids banana and they love that too.

  211. Adeline Lunsford

    Super whitening, good taste and works well. Not overly strong.

  212. Kelly

    Will buy more

  213. The Rutledges

    I am crazy, but I actually think this whitens my teeth. This is a re-purchase from a happy customer. And I read on Facebook that fluoride causes cancer which I think is a lie but~ hashtag natural~ baby let’ves gooo. Also it’ves fun when your teeth are black.
    -Seth’ves wife

  214. S.Dixon

    Clean Teeth without Chemicals!!!

  215. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    The flavor and efficiency keep me congested back. It’ves natural.

  216. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Great product. My teeth and mouth haven’vet felt this clean in years.

  217. Kristin Jones

    I bought this because it’s fluoride free and all natural. It works and tastes better than Crest, Colgate, and Sensodyne. I have experienced zero sensitivity, healthier gums, whiter teeth, cleaner teeth and mouth, and fresh breath. I love this stuff!

  218. Pen Name

    feels natural and clean! no complaints . on my second bottle and ready to order the next.

  219. Elise

    Very minty potent strong. I have a cavity and this has helped with the pain. Also, it’s very minty and strong and that what you need for bacteria and fungus growth in the mouth. Will recommend to anyone wanting to improve oral hygiene.

  220. mechE

    Consistency is like regular toothpaste, flavor is a mild wintergreen. Recommended by manufacturer to be used after every meal. Definite buy again.

  221. mol

    It’s delicious and fresh! A great change from Crest!

  222. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Just started using it and I swear my teeth are whiter. Takes good too. I think it’ves a good value over other places I looked

  223. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    One of my bottles came awkwardly. 🙁

  224. Ashley S

    Love this stuff but I always need to gargle after to freshen up my breath

  225. Happy Dealer not so happy

    Good deal

  226. Jenna G

    Love this toothpaste.

  227. Nicholas M.

    This is really great toothpaste

  228. Melissa B

    Great flavor. A friend recommended this brand so we are trying it out!

  229. catherine

    Lovely flavour, lovely taste, lovely scent, and lovely value. Couldn’vet complain and highly recommend to others! Brush on and don’vet forget to floss!

  230. Sonic

    Works great and smells wonderful

  231. Alex

    The only toothpaste I buy that’ves non fluoride. Love it. not like other toothpastes that leave your mouth not feeling clean.

  232. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    I wanted a product that is healthy for my body and this is it! Taste good and does the job.


    The best tooth whitening paste !’ve

  234. Faby

    My dentist told me the best for the family

  235. Becky

    Best toothpaste!

  236. Lynn Bushaw

    It has a pleasant taste. The price is right and it leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

  237. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Perioral dermatitis is an incredibly annoying, itchy, unsightly skin rash that can develop around, you guessed it, the perioral area. It took weeks for me to discover its name (during which I was also treating it with steroid cream – the worst possible thing you can do), when I learned that it would require an antibiotic to heal the rash. But what cause it? Dermatologists speculate that most cases are caused by fluoride. Who knew?!? I immediately began a journey to find a good fluoride free toothpaste, and this one tastes the best BY FAR. Others taste very chalky. I’ve been using this for 5 years now and no more perioral dermatitis! It’s tough to say if I would’ve developed it had I returned to my normal toothpaste, but why risk it when this toothpaste is equally effective and no risk. If you’ve suffered from the same condition, this is the first change you should try in your routine!

  238. Candace B

    I love this toothpaste it’ves great with whitening it makes my teeth feel fresh it taste Good

  239. Jonathan Ellis

    I always hated the aftertaste of toothpaste so I bought this. It works great, I wouldn’t say its effective at keeping your teeth look white but at least I don’t have that nasty aftertaste.

  240. Dino Canchola

    Definitely good tasting stuff and it doesn’t foam up hardly at all.

  241. jeffrey s rosenberg

    best toothpaste ever … safe, healthy and it works

  242. Shelby

    Makes my mouth feel SOO fresh and my teeth have become more white. My 3 & 5 year old love it too. Worth the little cost difference in other natural tooth pastes.

  243. Jacob J Di’Bernardo

    It was Exquisite minty fresh toothpaste

  244. Angela Razzano

    whitening and flavor is amazing and all natural! I will buy again!

  245. Michel O

    Best toothpaste I ever tried will never buy another brand 100% satisfied

  246. SDB

    This is my first week using this product. It tastes good and is easy to dispense.

  247. katie lembo

    I don’vet mind the toothpaste bc it’ves natural I’vem not sure if it’ves really whitening but compared to the others it’ves good

  248. Alban Oshiro

    This is the best product by far. Easy to use, all natural, a very good product, will buy again.

  249. Connie E

    Great natural taste! Love the texture and the whitening.

  250. JERRY Wilson

    Didn’vet notice any whitening

  251. CMetz

    This product is different than regular toothpaste. There isn’t much minty flavor. It doesn’t keep my breath fresh very long.

  252. Ricky Mitchell

    Switched from the usual toothpastes (Colgate etc) to this a year ago and never looking back. Absolutely killer toothpaste and the whitening is better than any “whitening” toothpastes I’ve used.

  253. Hope

    I used this toothpaste years ago and really liked it.. At some point though I had ran out and couldn’t find it locally and so I ended up using a different brand. Well.. after some time we ended up somehow forgetting about it and then experimenting using many different natural toothpastes over the years that didn’t work for us. We’ve tried messy charcoal ones, earthy pastes, made our own homemade ones, etc😁 but when i saw this online I remembered how much we liked it years ago and so I ordered it right away. As of now, this has become our favorite toothpaste once again😉 its simple orginial ingredients, pleasant flavor, and the way it leaves our mouths feeling fresh are just a few of the things we like about it.. 😊 Hopefully it will be one we can continue to use

  254. Christine

    I have buy a different brand for the last 7 yrs and decided to try this as my usual” flavour” was out of stock- I guess it was my lucky day- I really love the taste and feel of this toothpaste and will definitely buy this from now on

  255. MG

    The toothpaste is great, however I will not purchase again as the tube is plastic. We were extremely disappointed about this. Why bother making the tube look like metal, when you could actually use metal and make a natural product environmentally friendly.

  256. JEN

    Very minty

  257. Silvia

    Me encanta la sensación de frescura y limpieza que d ja en la boca y súper natural

  258. Nick

    No doubt the best tooth paste I have found and I have tried them all. Excellent taste, and it really does the job it claims. Surprised I had not found it sooner.

  259. John

    Fresh feeling

  260. Rachel Mcknight

    This is the best toothpaste of all times. Since using it, my teet are not sensitive at all. I was using Sensodyne before and syill had some discomfort. After using this, I have none.

  261. Tiffany Gardner

    Wow, I’vem impressed with these fast results! I was using Dr. Sheffield’ves cinnamon flavor because I’vem not a huge fan of regular mint. I liked it. However, when I noticed my teeth dingier than I’ved prefer, I needed to try something different. So I ordered this extra whitening Dr. Sheffield’ves. I’veve used it less than a week and my teeth are SIGNIFICANTLY whiter. I highly recommend.

    The 4 for flavor is more a personal liking.. it’ves pretty minty.

  262. April Lewis

    I have yet to find one that will lather but this one does and I love the flavor of it. Seems to do really well and I have tried a handful of natural toothpaste that don’t have things like toxic fluoride in them.

  263. ace

    This toothpaste tastes great, works great, and does not make my teeth sensitive. I have recession in all four quadrants of my mouth. I love that it doesn’t have any nasty chemicals. I have been using this toothpaste for about 4 years now, and my dentist always gives me compliments on my home care. Great stuff.

  264. betty

    I really like this brand so far.

  265. KAC

    Tastes fine, haven’vet noticed a difference in whiteness yet.

  266. RA

    Awesome tooth paste, great flavor I’ve stuck with this and my teeth look fantastic!

  267. Dr Keith Schaffer

    This toothpaste is a good value, tastes great, gets your teeth clean and leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

  268. D. Dusett

    Please don’vet ever stop making a quality product that checks all my boxes! It goes everywhere with me because I don’vet want to use anything else! I love it. Thank goodness for companies like yours.❤️

  269. Jody

    Really happy with this toothpaste! I only like the more natural and holistic toothpastes although one thing I don’vet like is it does have glycerin in it. I just deal with it and rinse with an herbal/mineral mix to rebuild my teeth enamel after brushing.

  270. Julie Kanning

    Flavor was great, packaging was great, the fact that it’ves all natural is great, and no fluoride woohoo!!

  271. Sherrell Johnson

    Worth every dollar!

  272. Jonathan Ibrahim

    This toothpaste appears to be made from high quality natural ingredients. It has a very mild flavor and it foams decently, leaving the mouth feeling moderately clean. I’m new to natural toothpastes and one thing I’m finding is they’re typically not as strong, flavor wise. Which I don’t really like.

  273. Mimi3.0

    Just not as effective as more toxic toothpastes which sucks. I feel like my mouth is clean for 10 minutes and I need to brush again which has never been the case. I add baking soda to the paste- it’s the only way my mouth gets clean and stays clean with this stuff. On to other flouride free pastes.

  274. Heather H

    Really like this toothpaste.
    Tip: rinse off brush with warm or hot water.

  275. Sunflower

    So, after getting really sick and becoming pretty much allergic to everything, I took all chemicals out of my life…four years ago. Since then, I have tried a lot of different toothpastes but none of them really performed well. Four years later, I find this toothpaste and there is not anything about it not to love (other than trying to figure out new packaging because, I would rather refill something than have to throw something out hint, hint). A-matter-of-fact, I bought a competitor brand at the same time I bought my first two-pack and I have purchased another set since then and the other one is still sitting on my shelf as emergency toothpaste in case I forget to order in time. This is hands-down the best natural toothpaste (any other actually) on the market and I will be ordering as long as the company is in business.

  276. Ferryl Wynn

    Love this toothpaste as do my children!

  277. scott sanders

    The tubes can either be plastic or aluminum and I’m not sure which is supposed to be the current design but as cool as the aluminum type one is in theory, it’s actually a rather clunky design, it’s messy and the lid is difficult to put back on so just be aware that the plastic one, while not as cool looking, is moluch more efficient, at least right now anyway.

    Now, having said that. There’s something about using this toothpaste that just makes the whole process feel better, maybe it’s just me but I look forward to brushing with this paste like I never have with any other in all my 27 years of life. I’m at the end of my first tube and after the 2nd us up, I’ll definitely buy more. Also, no issues with tube or cap as others have mentioned.

  278. Nick

    Teeth feel clean.

  279. Fruitful.HS

    This is 2nd order. Very fast delivery to Japan and good quality of products.

  280. Galina

    This toothpaste is incredible. I don’vet remember when the last time I had such an immense pleasure brushing my teeth. It has rich and unbelievably pleasant taste, leaves you with freshness, making your teeth whiter and brighter.

  281. Cheryl Koczat

    My teeth stay nice and white and there are no chemicals that shed the skin in your mouth like Crest and other icky toothpastes filled with man made chemical crap! You know the stuff Crest users…you chew on it and think, “wow my skin sheds so much in my mouth. I kinda like chewing on it but why is it happening?” Well people, it’s the icky chemicals in Crest and other commercial toxic toothpastes!

  282. kazekozo77

    The real deal. Tried several other whitening toothpastes that just fell flat. Honestly surprised when I saw an obviously whiter difference after the first brushing. Since I’m not fond of mint I really like the taste of this toothpaste along with its natural ingredients.

  283. Ronjay Bernard

    Does exactly what I wanted it to..not too harsh on gums or the lining of my mouth and leaves my mouth fresh

  284. Chris Smalick

    Love how dr. Sheffield toothpaste keep teeth white and your breath fresh.

  285. Rashid

    This is just great toothpaste

  286. debbie

    Love that this is fluoride free. Teether feel clean & fresh.

  287. DCNLC

    I was under the impression that the tubes would be aluminum given that I found this product via searching for zero waste toothpaste. Unfortunately, the tubes are plastic and only colored to look like aluminum. I guess I will keep searching.

  288. home brewer

    If you tend to get cancer sores in your mouth, this is a really good toothpaste to prevent them. There is NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) in this toothpaste. Avoid any products with SLS!!!

  289. Timu

    I recently found out about fluoride and its dangers. I wanted a fluoride-free toothpaste. After reading a few reviews online, I decided to try this one. I am so happy I did! I thought I’d have to get used to a non-conventional toothpaste but it’s been a seamless transition. The flavor is pleasant (got the extra-whitening one) and my teeth feel super clean afterwards. It does exactly that I need it to. Highly recommended!

  290. Beth Morgan

    I like this toothpaste because I find the flavor (wintergreen) refreshing but not overwhelming like some other mints can be. It also does not take a lot of toothpaste to get the job done.

  291. Nancy D.

    only had one week so don’t know about the whitening, and as far as the cost, I’m chalking it up to one of those, Pay now or pay later!

  292. Amy Brosnan

    Everything about the product description alludes to this being an all natural, traditional “Old school” product, but the tube, made to look like metal is not. It’s plastic. For someone trying to go back to basics, and plastic free this was definitely a loss. It’s too bad, because the product is good.

  293. Jeremy B


  294. patty

    I was sent extra whitening this time which I need but the chocolare is wonderful.

  295. Theresa L. Chism

    Makes my teeth feel so clean

  296. Paige

    Its quite simple. This is the best, most natural, and original toothpaste out there. Everyone should be using this and not all that other crap filled with flouride and other unnecessary harmful ingredients. There is a reason why this toothpaste isnt advertised, because its what you SHOULD be using. They know that if most people used it, there would little/no need for dentists. Its all apart of their money making scheme. I know that this is a lot but I just HAD to say the TRUTH. 🙂

  297. Jennae

    Flavor is good, mouth feels fresh, whitens teeth but best of all no flouride. I appreciate & use this for my kids. Thank you! 10 out of a 10!

  298. Shelby G

    Great find, good taste, teeth feel clean, chemical free

  299. elysse

    I dont like a lot of other toothpastes bc the texture is off but this one is nice

  300. Kimberly Materio

    My family loves it

  301. Seibel Marie

    This product really does work, the only thing is that there really is no freshness. It has a bland taste that does give your breath a bad odor if you don’t floss or take care of your teeth.

  302. D. Vega

    Great product!

  303. Bulbury Doobus

    Definitely does a great job cleaning teeth and freshening breath and leaves my mouth tasting clean and fresh. I have tried a lot of other natural toothpastes but this one is pretty awesome.

  304. Brandon E Hansen

    Noticed a brighter smile after a week. Love the taste and consistency.

  305. Witchy Hippie Chic

    This is the best flouride free, all natural toothpaste I have used. And I have tried many.

  306. Amy Wray

    This is the best all natural toothpaste I have ever used. I’veve been using for years and won’vet use another toothpaste.

  307. J Beal

    This brand is awesome. The main reason I buy this particular kind is that they are fluoride free. The taste is great and leaves a minty clean fleeting without the use of fluoride.

  308. C. B.

    Does the job. Good toothpaste.

  309. Radley

    Sweet peppermint with just a little coarseness. Never used anything like! Favorite toothpaste by far. I hope it’s healthy as they claim (and stays that way).

  310. Jeremy Chandler

    Have always used Tom’ves toothpaste. Not sure why there aren’vet more options for fluoride free toothpaste. This taste way better than Tom’ves.

  311. Edward Ragosta

    A bit pricey, though worth the investment. Quality…

  312. Jake

    Stopped using fluoride toothpaste about a year ago. Have had no issues when I go for dental checkups. The flavor of the extra whitening is good. I tried cinnamon but it was too “spicy” sometimes and made my mouth burn. This flavor is much better.

  313. Groundlevel indiana

    Love it

  314. Gwendolyn Punchard

    Looking for a non-minty product

  315. L

    The best toothpaste there is.

  316. Robert L.

    Still delivering quality products you can trust

  317. Stefano Ciccioriccio

    Excellent products, excellent service

  318. edsel dugais

    Use it morning and night!

  319. Karen Doucette

    This is the best toothpaste I have ever found! Fluoride is toxic, and this paste eliminates that problem. Also available in charcoal.

  320. Richard Morales

    It works, reversed stained teeth from years of drinking coffee and smoking. I highly recommend this product. Everything else is just trying to imitate the original.

  321. Fuenzalida

    Primera pasta de dientes
    Orgánica que compramos , nos gusto mucho a todos en casa no hace mucha espuma pero el sabor a menta nos encantó. Llevamos usándola dos semanas nos a ido muy bien.

  322. Joe

    I like this product a lot, it is now my go-to toothpaste

  323. Hanna B.

    I used to love this toothpaste but I didn’vet receive my last two subscriptions. Waste.

  324. Maya O.

    Since switching to this product, my frequent mouth ulcers disappeared.

  325. Stacie in MO

    I like that this this toothpaste has much less of the fake sweet taste of most mass commercial toothpastes. I don’t love the taste, but I can tolerate it while brushing my teeth. It seems to clean my teeth well and there isn’t a horribly prevalent aftertaste, at least not one that ruins the flavor of everything for hours. It is less foamy than most toothpastes, but this is really just an observation and doesn’t bother me.

  326. Lynn Ayers

    Great flavor and really helps with stains I eat a lot of turmeric which stains yellow this is the best product to keep teeth white and clean

  327. Laura

    I’ve tried many fluoride free toothpastes, but this was the only one I still like and continue to use

  328. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    This tooth paste is great it leaves your breath so fresh.

  329. Editbabe

    I was looking for a toothpaste that DID NOT have mint flavor or sodium lauryl sulfate. The description for this item states “NO FLUORIDE OR OTHER SYNTHETICS: No fluoride, no synthetic foaming agents, no synthetic detergents, no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors & sweeteners, no GMO’ves.”

    True, it does not have foaming agents (sodium lauryl sulfate) but when I looked at the package, it stated the product contained Dr. Sheffield’s® Peppermint Toothpaste and spearmint flavors. That is exactly what I DID NOT want.

    So, it is partially my fault for not looking at everything in the photographs, as well as only relying on the written description. I am sure this product is fine for people who do not suffer side effects from using toothpaste that contains synthetic foaming agents/detergents, and mint flavoring – natural or artificial.

  330. Carol

    After researching what the fluoride is and what it does, then looking at a regular tube of toothpaste that has fluoride in it with the warning not to swallow it or if you do call the Poison control center.
    I decided, that I would switch to ZERO FLUORIDE. <<< is linked with some really bad conditions. IF your just finding out about it, than that is a good thing. Spread the word. This 1 has a really good mint flavor and cleans well. Good Luck!!

  331. Jennifer L. Paul

    I watched a few videos online about fluoride and it was time to switch the fam from our grocery store brand. We tried a few different toothpaste options but I like this one the best. It’s fresh tasting, not pasty, even our 9 year old doesn’t complain, which is a win.

  332. Kenneth

    Not a fan. Wish it foamed up more. Felt like it was hard to spread around

  333. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Many toothpastes slough the skin in my mouth off. This one is gentle enough yet does a great job of cleaning and keeping my mouth fresh.

  334. Steven S.

    It doesn’vet lather up as much as normal toothpaste but that’ves ok. The flavor is good and I have no complaints.

  335. Zenobia H.

    I loved this Florida free toothpaste it was nice looking enough to have out on counter and worked great would order again.

  336. D. Merritt

    I’m not supposed to use flouride anymore. After trying numerous pastes on the market and trying to make my own I found this. It’s a winner, great taste and cleans my teeth great!

  337. Sis

    I looked for a non flouride toothpaste because from studying flouride, it doesn’t truly prevent cavities. My teeth and thousands of others cavity filled teeth prove that. But my studying also says the flouride can be harmful and can also calcify your pineal gland. And if I’m not mistaken, some Countries forbid it in thier water. Anyway, I’m no expert but who knows what things are really being done and we are told it’s good for us?

    I chose this toothpaste to try it out and it is pleasant in taste and gets my teeth cleaner than what I was using before. I recommend it and I would purchase it again. Thanks🙏🏼

  338. PSC

    Great minty flavor!! Teeth feel clean and fresh.

  339. StarGazer

    If you’re looking for a toothpaste that tastes good, works well and doesn’t have flouride, look no further.

  340. Dennis76nyc

    Have used for about 2 years. Repeat customer.

  341. Jonathon Green

    No more nasty after taste with this toothpaste…after you make the switch to this toothpaste you won’t want to switch back.

  342. Truc Nguyen

    I was surprised this naturally-derived ingredients works better at cleaning your teeth than the popular brands in your department stores. Most of the stubborn plagues are gone with just a single brushing, and my teeth feels cleaner. It doesn’t have flavor, but it works well. I gave it a four star, because I think it is pricey compared to regular toothpaste.

  343. CincySPQR

    Fantastic. THE ONLY thing I don’t like is the lid. For gawd sakes get a flip cap on it. I hate having to unscrew it every time, it’s so tiny too. I GOT BIG HANDS lmao, I need a quick flip up cap….

  344. CA Girl

    Works great,good taste without chemicals!

  345. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    My son gave me a tube of this toothpaste to try and I fell in love with it. Tastes great, not overpowering, and brightens my teeth. I believe this toothpaste is better than crest whitening toothpaste and there is no fluoride or any harmful ingredients. So for me, it’s a win, win.

  346. Rennie

    This is the best toothpaste ever for me. It has a mild taste, no grit, nice whitening effects. My teeth feel so clean like I just got the. Cleaned by my dental hygienist. To conclude best part it is healthy for my teeth as well

  347. P.A. Spayd

    Dr Sheffield’ves Sensitive formula eliminates horrible tooth gum and BONE pain that comes from whitening agents in toothpastes such as Sensodyne. I can’vet believe that whitening agents are in EVERYTHING! And brother do they cause horrible excrutiating bone pain.

  348. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Lasts a long time. No aftertaste.

  349. Lauren Casapulla

    Mint flavor is medium sharp, not excessively burning. Cleans my mouth VERY well. Also cleans off brush and sink easily. Got two in a pack.

  350. Israel A.

    Smells phenomenal not gritty and all you need is a little at a time. Plus the beneficial factor of no fluoride is an extra plus. Also classic look gets a thumbs . And no i don’t work for this company 😆 . Leaves mouth refresh no need to use mouth wash all the time. I like my teeth clean 😞.

  351. todd miller

    Thank you

  352. Cameron Watson

    It does a good job of giving you that clean mouth feel. I just wish it foamed up more during brushing.

  353. Logan Spinner

    From now on I will only be buying this brand of toothpaste I love it so much. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in color on my teeth, I drink pop and coffee and I have a cap on one of my front teeth. Theres a line where the cap is and for awhile there was a darker line where the cap is but after using this for a few months it’s gone. I LOVE this

  354. Jackpot

    After using this for about a month, I noticed my gum is looking a lot healthier and not red inflamed look…. Past 30 years I can remember if I brushed my teeth just a little hard or flossing caused bleeding. I thought it is just gonna be for my gum. Always very sensitive. But after using this product my gum never bleeds anymore!!! And it seems like back of my teeth doesn’vet get that calcified build up anymore!
    Only thing is this tooth paste doesn’vet white up like other toxic tooth pasta out there, that makes my gum bleed. I rather choose this healthy toothpaste than other ones that makes me bleed.

  355. Lisa F

    I love that it works and is fluoride free.

  356. Joel Hendrick

    Taste’ves good, works well for cleaning teeth, not sure about the whitening part yet.

  357. Christopher Morris

    Very nice toothpaste. Love the flavor and texture.

  358. liz

    This toothpaste is cruelty free, tastes great, and keeps my teeth feeling very clean. I like the simplicity of ingredients. This will be my new standard.

  359. Chelsea

    The flavor is not the best but it really does the job! It leaves my teeth sparkling and feeling fresh. I love that I don’t have to wait about an hour or so to eat because the mint flavor is still lingering in my mouth. You can eat right away without feeling the bitterness of the toothpaste. Overall, great purchase!

  360. KZ

    This is really tasty and fresh. I use a floride rinse right after using it since it doesn’t contain any.


    No poison! Great taste! Leaves breathe fresh for hours

  362. Steven T.

    You can’vet go wrong with this product. Has a nice subtle taste (not overly minty), good ingredients, reliable company, affordable price.. just overall very good product.

  363. Stefanie

    Great healthy toothpaste.

  364. Walt

    New to this product and enjoying it immensely

  365. dude

    This stuff is the best! I have been using it for over a year now, and keep on buying more. The flavor and texture is no more or less strong than what you would find in a brand like Crest or Colgate that you could purchase at the store. The 2-pack provides good value since it is about $6 per tube. These last me about 2 months each, which is about what I get out of a drug store brand of toothpaste. Go ahead and spend the extra money on something that you enjoy using, your teeth will thank you!

    Definitely will be buying more.

  366. Closetoheartlinens

    Great flavor and your teeth will feel super clean. Noticed less bad breath in the morning as well

  367. Closetoheartlinens

    Great flavor and your teeth will feel super clean. Noticed less bad breath in the morning as well

  368. Denae

    I’ve been buying this toothpaste for a while and the whole family loves it but this last delivery there’s a new cap and the toothpaste starts oozing out of it as soon as we opened it. My kids have toothpaste EVERYWHERE 😭

  369. Bree

    I just switched to fluoride free and i am so happy i did. This stuff tastes great for one, second my teeth feel cleaner than when i was using the regular named brands with fluoride. Their all smooth and squeaky clean. Even after taking a nap they still feel like that. I mean, i still brush them again but it feels like i already did still. Great stuff, highly recommend. No im not a bot, this is a real review.

  370. Sandi

    I’ve used this toothpaste before and I love the ingredients. No flouride or other nasty additives.

  371. Valerie

    This toothpaste get my teeth clean, and white, while being a safe to use.

  372. tiffka e.

    I’ve tried most of the flavors their pretty good. Being a senior it’s important for me to NOT have flourite . Fluoride just makes my head foggy I already have enough of that being a senior. This toothpaste makes your mouth feel so clean. It doesn’t have all the extra ingredients in it that other toothpastes have. It’s safer.

  373. Monica

    I like this toothpaste and an added bonus is the tube material type makes it easier to squeeze out from the bottom.

  374. Setsuko Day

    Whiten my teeth .

  375. Kevink

    Flavor is okay, but it has ZERO foaming action. Not refreshing either so after brushing my mouth did not feel clean. I preferred the natural Toms of Maine toothpaste; it’s still not SUPER refreshing but it foams a little bit and does have a slight refreshing feeling.

  376. BJ

    Good stuff

  377. jhammer

    Teeth feel clean for a good while…no fluoride

  378. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Probably the only toothpaste I use currently. Also love that fact that it’ves not animal tested also.

  379. Linda

    I absolutely love this toothpaste. Flouride free, natural ingredients, works great. Nice flovor. Leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

  380. GreenMtnLady

    You couldn’t find a better toothpaste !

  381. robertsonian

    Great minty flavor with refreshing balance and some of the best oral health ingredients around. Consistency is perfectly thick and lasts the entire toothbrushing session without having to reapply.

  382. janice

    I liked it at first but after a few days its burning my mouth just like the colgate

  383. Naomi Hall

    Great product! Gets the job done with cleanliness and freshness.

  384. Tam

    Works great! I’m allergic to most toothpaste and I’m sticking with this one. Taste is good & not overpowered. It has whitened my teeth. I love it

  385. Caridad Cary

    Great product for those that don’vet use fluoride.

  386. Isaiah Michael Henderson

    I like its lack of strong flavors. I like its texture. Great replacement for chemical products.

  387. Kyle Ruse

    For the price this is a deal! Amazing toothpaste!

  388. ZKD

    Love this whitening toothpaste. I’ve been using it for a year now.

  389. Fiercefoxie

    I bought this based on all the good reviews. I have been using natural toothpastes the past several years so I thought I would give this brand a try. About halfway through the tube, it tends to get thicker and clumpy. It’ves not smooth looking at all. The flavor is not very minty and I actually don’vet feel fresh even minutes after brushing with it. Won’vet be buying again.

  390. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Leaves my mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

  391. James McAuliffe

    I really like this toothpaste. Tired of getting bombarded with fluoride and all the other junk they add into things. One word of caution though, the toothpaste really loves coming out so be careful you don’vet squeeze at all when putting the cap back on else you’vere gonna get a mess

  392. Stevan Lavigne

    Love the flavor . Love the style of tube.

  393. Justin G.

    Had this tooth paste for at least 6 months I use it by myself sometime my girlfriend has some but one of the tubes has lasted me over 6 months haven’t even opened the second one yet getting close but I will definitely be getting more of the this brand everytime I’m tooth paste shopping from now on. Not to mention fluoride free!!! Hard to find a good brand that’s not over priced in fluoride free, I tried the brands from Wal Mart either didn’t make my mouth fresh enough, or it just wasn’t worth what I paid upon how long a tube lasts. With Dr Sheffield’s floride free tooth paste, I’m not switching back to HELL-NO, or TOMS tooth paste this Dr Sheffield’s tooth paste is my go to forever from now on.

  394. Meagan

    Reducing toxic chemical exposure for my family is super important and it is next to impossible to find brands with a clean ingredient list in store, so I decided to take my search online. This tastes great, is really affordable, and even though it’s “extra whitening” is gentle enough that it doesn’t hurt my super sensitive teeth. I got my kids the chocolate flavor kid version and they love it too!

  395. Michelle Robinson

    I love the flavor. It gives a very cleaned mouth feel. This paste is all business and I’m here for it.

  396. Paul M.

    I’ve been using this for a long time now and I was a little worried as it doesn’t have fluoride, but I wanted to try it because of the bad side effects of fluoride. My teeth have been clean, white and my breath is fresh.

  397. T Robinson

    I think I’veve found my favorite toothpaste! Going to be using it for a long time.

  398. Thrifty buyer

    I expected from the description a very mild flavor as my mouth is sensitive to strong mint flavors. The mint flavor was actually very strong and produced a distinct burning sensation in my mouth. The product may be fine for some but I don’t think it is what they claimed in this regard.

  399. Brianna

    Works so amazing! Better than any toothpaste we’ve tried!

  400. J Rhea Steel

    Great taste and cleans well:)

  401. Connie Nicole

    I have gone through tones of different brands of toothpaste, even kid flavors, this toothpaste is accepted by all four kids from 6 – 17 years. It was either too spice or I don’vet like the flavor. No more complaining about how the toothpaste taste. Now I need to get them to brush properly!

  402. Koda

    I love the freshness and soft mint flavor. Very reasonable price for natural product.

  403. JJ DeMauro

    I love his hard-to-find flavor.
    This paste could be a bit softer and looser: it’ves hard to squeeze out of the tube.

  404. Kindle Customer

    This toothpaste honestly wasn’t an instant success with everyone in our family. Personally I loved it right out the gate. It leaves your mouth feeling minty fresh but also very clean. The kids however were the biggest critic but I believe that has to do with the fact that this is different than traditional toothpaste in both the color and texture but not at all in a bad way. Let me just put it like this, I gave one to my mom who is very skeptical and tends to be a creature of habit. To my surprise she loved this! She even talked about buying more. If that doesn’t convince someone to try this I don’t know what will!

  405. Helen

    This one was one of my favorites. Only drawback is the price. There are natural toothpaste’ves cheaper.

  406. GJH

    They’re minty and make my teeth feel great and clean. There is no flouroud if that’s important to you

  407. PLIMTER


  408. Julie Jones

    The toothpaste is just ‘okay’ for the price. My issue regards the gray residue from the tube itself. I’ve never had this problem with other products that have an aluminum tube. The metallic residue is prominent along the cap and thread area, and persists even after cleaning and drying the area. A clean cloth shows residue after several cleanings. This does not seem safe as the aluminum could be leaching into the product.

  409. yogini

    A toothpaste that’s not full of chemicals and works great! I would buy again.

  410. ray giuffrida

    Best of the best!

  411. Joanne DiMirra

    I have always used Dr Bonners peppermint and could not get that anymore so tried this. Wow! Would buy this 10x over.

  412. Brandon Company

    When i first saw this toothpaste the price kind of discouraged me but after reading the reviews i decided to give it a shot, I can safely say this is the best toothpaste ive ever used, it taste fresh and the tube is huge. For 2 people 1 tube has lasted us about 5 weeks.

  413. Cita K

    Product OK but I don’vet like the repeat sales. Emailed notifications advise you another pair of tubes are to be sent in two days. One can’vet use two tubes before the next two are ready to be sen three months later.

  414. Ana

    Makes you feel refreshed after using! Love the taste, smell and EVERYTHING about it.

  415. 39penny

    Much less foaming with electric toothbrush.

  416. Kandi Yams

    Loved this product seen someone using it on tik Tok and figured I try it out product really makes a big difference noticeable whiter smile

  417. Rod A

    Wonderful product I highly recommend

  418. ML

    Great, gentle toothpaste for kids and people with autism/sensory issues. Never stop making this toothpaste. However, I’d love a new Dark Chocolate version with extra deep cocoa flavor for adults, but no minty-ness.

  419. Tracie

    I was looking for a fluoride free toothpaste. I bought this 1 first loved it! Ran out and didnt get the chance to order before I needed it again. So I got out of habit of usimg Dr. Sheffields. I tried competers…Toms, Jasons, and Burts Bees. I can promise you this. This is the only natural, everything bad out toothpaste that still leaves you with the wonderful zing and freshness that the chemical ones do as well. Wont be changing again. Ever! Good job!!

  420. Sandra

    Estaba un poco indecisa si comprar está pasta o no. Pero la verdad es que llevo apenas días usándola, y me encantó el sabor, me deja fresca la boca, por mucho tiempo, no hace mucha espuma. En general estoy muy satisfecha por haber encontrado una pasta de diez. La super recomiendo.

  421. Alexia LaRose

    Love this toothpaste. It’ves organic, tastes good, whitens and isn’vet expensive. Recommend!

  422. ash

    Great fluoride-free toothpaste that tastes good and does its job! We’veve been using it for a couple of years and are pleased with the product. 🙂

  423. jacob

  424. Kenneth Vetter

    We love this toothpaste! Just wanted to let someone know that the product was not handed directly to the resident. It was left on the porch and I happened to discover it this morning.

  425. Amy

    THANK YOU for putting this toothpaste in metal tubes that are easy to squeeze and empty! Those pastes in plastic tubes are impossible for getting out the last bit of product, so they waste too much. Good job!

  426. Yvonne

    I’veve been using this toothpaste for some time. Love the flavor and keeps my teeth white!!

  427. Jennifer Boudreaux

    Stop using toothpaste with fluoride! There are so many negative side effects to going so. This is a great toothpaste. Love the flavor and whitens my teeth! None of the nasty feeling of fluoride!

  428. MB

    Allergic to fluoride or just don’vet think it’ves necessary for healthy teeth, this is such a great toothpaste.

  429. Morbius Morte

    Absolutely love the toothpaste toothpaste deserves 4 stars at least probably5 but i dont know the long term effects sometimes picking the right toothpaste is scarier then fighting zombies. The tube its in and its just such a terrible idea for something like toothpaste its like a can. I feel like i cant even get it out. I know I probably could have been better with my handling, but like pushing to hard makes alot come flying out and u have to like barely push. Unless its nearly empty then its a struggle

  430. Great

    Notice whiter teeth

  431. Amanda

    No toxic ingredients or fluoride, and it works well!

  432. Peggy

    I love this brand. The only negative thing I can say is that I don’t think it really whitens my teeth much, so just ignore the extra whitening part and realize it’s a good brand no matter what.

  433. g christ


  434. DonnaMarie113

    Love strong minty taste; will order again! (Only con is tube gets crumply & smooshed, however, this does not affect taste or effectiveness of toothpaste.)

  435. JMP

    Good texture, not too thick like some. It’ves great to have another flavor besides peppermint!

  436. KennyB

    I’ve only been using this a few days but I like the fact that it’s natural and won’t contain any outside chemicals that may negatively affect my health. Also, my teeth feel extra clean.

  437. Akesha

    I haven’vet used this in a while but I used this brand more than once so I know it does a good job of cleaning teeth and has a freshness feeling it leaves behind. Some toothpastes don’vet do that.

  438. Fern56

    Love this toothpaste but the last set I received the container and cap were different…toothpaste oozed out all over the place and the cap won’t stay on because of it. I can’t stop it from seeping out. The tube is not as squeezable as before and is cracking. When I tried to straighten it out it literally cut my finger. Go back to the old container PLEASE!

  439. Cory Smith

    I’ve been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and avoid all the poisons they market to us. This toothpaste isn’t as strongly sented or as whitening as Colgate or crest but I brush in the am and when I come home my teeth are still fresh feeling and no plaque build up. Can’t say that about any other toothpaste I’ve used.

  440. Georgi L

    I was surprised, this is the freshest mint of any toothpaste I’ve used! Not overly strong either.
    Haven’t used long enough to see if it whitens, but my teeth feel super clean after brushing.

  441. courtney garnett

    I have tried so many toothpaste and all of them was burning my cancer sores, came across dr. sheffields natural toothpaste and it was amazing did not burn my cancer sores in my mouth so glad I seen this product online.

  442. Angella Guajardo

    This is my favorite fluoride free toothpaste. I’veve been using it for about 5 years now and havent looked back! Most fluoride free toothpastes leave my teeth feeling half way clean but Dr. Sheffields never fails me!

  443. M. O’Hara

    Our whole family loves this wintergreen toothpaste! Worth trying, I promise.

  444. bonnie

    Like how it leaves my teeth and freshens my breath

  445. Susan Margeson

    We have tried multiple natural tooth pastes and always end up feeling like your teeth aren’t as clean compared to regular toothpaste. However, after trying this brand we finally found something that works! Teeth feel clean and breath is fresh!

  446. Susana Yanes

    Hay mejores productos que este

  447. CMS

    Actually Works!

  448. Ashley

    I have loved this toothpaste for years. I usually purchased from Walgreens but they recently stopped carrying the products. After ordering online I noticed the tube changed from plastic to metal. I’m very disappointed with the change in the tube. The metal tube is very difficult to work with. As others have mentioned in the reviews, the tube now cracks and toothpaste leaks out. I have cut my finger on the cracks. I’m also very concerned about the gray residue that appears in the cap. I hope the aluminum/metal is not seeping into the toothpaste. I’ve stopped using traditional deodorant to get away from aluminum. I’m hoping I don’t have to find a new toothpaste now. Please go back to the original tube!! Love the toothpaste, hate the tube.

  449. David Bethune

    This is the most incredible toothpaste ever. Total old skool style with nothing weird. The company is 100 years old. It tastes amazing and doesn’t leave anything gross in your mouth. A must try!

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