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Dr. Sheffield’s® Peppermint Toothpaste

(137 customer reviews)

Dr. Sheffield’s Peppermint Toothpaste helps freshen breath, whiten teeth and reduce plaque. With real peppermint flavor!.

Twin Pack Size: 5 oz – 2 Pack (10 oz Total)

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Additional information

Weight 16.6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 8 in

Twin Pack


10 oz (2 x 5 oz), 5 oz




Brush thoroughly, preferably after each meal but at least twice a day, or as directed by a dentist or physician.


INGREDIENTS: Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Water (purified), Glycerin, Calcium Carbonate, Xanthan Gum, Xylitol, Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf/Stem Extract, Natural Spearmint Flavor, Natural Peppermint Flavor, Natural Menthol, Quillaja Saponaria Molina, Carrageenan, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Natural Fennel Flavor, Yucca Schidigera Leaf/Root/Stem Extract, Smilax Aristolochiifolia Root Extract, Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) Root Extract, Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Resin Extract, Propolis Extract, Iris Florentina (Orris) Root Powder.


Tube: Product packaged in recyclable aluminum tube with BPA-free, food grade lining.
Cap: Cap is made from #5 PP.
Carton: Product box is made from #21 fully recyclable paperboard.


Our aluminum tubes are lined with a BPA-free food grade liner that helps maintain the quality and taste of the toothpaste. The toothpaste is fully preserved, and not effected by the tube.
Sealed for freshness, use toothpaste cap to break seal on tube.

End of Life

Tube: When finished with your toothpaste, carefully cut the top and bottom of your tube off. Open and clean off residual toothpaste, then recycle in curbside bin if aluminum is accepted near you.
Cap: Remove completely from the container prior to recycling. Cap may be recycled where small #5 plastics are accepted; however, some curbside programs cannot sort out small plastics. Check with your local facility!
Carton: Paperboard box can be recycled in curbside bins.


Our Peppermint paste is quite the fave. Natural form, no artificial flavors and voilà!

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Peppermint toothpaste is a must-grab for those who love a bit of spice in their life.

 #drSheffield1850 #naturaltoothpaste #naturalingredients #fluoridefreetoothpaste #extrawhitening
Get ready to mint-fect your smile with flavors so real, you'll think you just chomped on a peppermint straight from the North Pole. Say goodbye to fake flavors and hello to a non artificial brushing experience that's mint to be!

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The natural zest of peppermint in a flouride-free toothpaste, where nature meets delightful oral care

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A burst of minty joy with every brush. Peppermint-flavored toothpaste, the key to a winter-fresh smile.

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Choose Dr. Sheffield's Certified Natural Peppermint Toothpaste, it helps freshen breath, whiten teeth and reduce plaque, with real peppermint flavor!
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Dr. Sheffield’s Certified Natural Toothpaste is certified by the NPA, get our Peppermint for a fresher brushing experience.

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Peppermint toothpaste is designed to freshen up your day, with certified natural ingredients it will make your smile even brighter.
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137 reviews for Dr. Sheffield’s® Peppermint Toothpaste

  1. E. Falken

    Been looking for a solid toothpaste with no crap in it. Tried all the ‘natural’ standards – Tom’s, Jason, Nature’s Gate, Himalayas, Burt’s etc. None of them made the cut – too gritty, too foamy, weak flavor, etc. Stumbled over Dr. Sheffiled’s at the CVS, what the heck. AH-MAZING! This stuff has great mouth feel, strong long-lasting mint flavors, and leaves my mouth spankin’ clean and fresh. I’m a believer now – this is my toothpaste for as long as they keep this exact formula!

  2. E. J. B.

    Works – no dangerous ingredients!

  3. Lauren

    I was so excited to receive this This toothpaste I had received a sample from pinch and when I head and liked it so much that I went and brought the full size I like the fact that it is all natural and no fluoride additive now I can brush my teeth with out worry of adding chemicals and brewing the enamel on my teeth the The $12.99 was well worth it because I got to fuehlte rooms and you could smell her fresh before you even open the Box my whole package smelled like fresh peppermint

  4. Jose J Valverde

    We’veve tried several toothpastes without fluoride and this is the best one. You won’vet know the difference in the flavor or texture.

  5. Sarah Elledge

    Love this natural toothpaste. Sure it’s not as strong as regular toothpaste but this has a nice taste and scent. It cleans my teeth well and I enjoy using it.

  6. JDay

    I really have purchased about 25 different fluoride free / natural toothpastes online. And this is beyond my favorite so far, I really, really like it. Some of the others have been too gel-like, or weird flavors, but the Dr’s is a normal consistency and has a great flavor. I’ll be reordering, and I’ve never found one I liked enough, until this one, to say that.

  7. David Immel

    Still the best non fluoride toothpaste out super good flavor, teeth feel clean and I have used it for a few years now. So glad it’s now available online! It was for a while only at a chain drugstore. onlines price is fine, at this point a few cents less than regular price at the drugstore and I do not have to run to that store ( never liked them anyway) I think you will like this toothpaste!!

  8. Darcy

    No fluoride means no poison in your body. Great product

  9. AltheDago

    I bought this as a substitute for something else. I didn’t notice that it was fluoride-free. Since we’re on a well, our water isn’t fluoridated so we use fluoride toothpaste. It’s too bad; Dr. Sheffield’s peppermint toothpaste tastes great and, so far, seems to work well, but I’m having to use a fluoridated mouthwash twice a day.

    Oh, well.

  10. S.SYLVE

    I’ved buy it again

  11. Hugo

    Been using it for 6 months and it cleans my teeth & freshens my breath just like the other known brand name toothpastes, but, its all natural! Havent developed sensitivity or discoloration, im getting another one, curious to try the extra whitener.

  12. John Randall

    Tastes great

  13. gigi

    Great product

  14. Terri B.

    My favorite toothpaste! Great minty flavor!

  15. Theresa Zusmer

    Great toothpaste

  16. Casey L Russell

    Great fluoride free toothpaste. Will buy again & definitely recommend!!

  17. MattyP

    Ive been using this product for two months and everything seems great. #satisfied

  18. Garza

    It doesn’t feel like it cleans very well. I use another natural toothpaste that’s cheaper and works much better. Not buying again

  19. Greg Ellis

    Excellent Natural product – great taste and feels clean from a local company. The Minihane show is a great avenue to advertise.

  20. CK2637

    So…I’vem a natural toothpaste junky. Fluoride free. I’veve used at least 10 to 15 types. This is the best in my opinion. In taste and consistency and after using your teeth feel like glass.

  21. Barbara

    Love the product

  22. Tiffany A.

    Far better than I expected! I chose this brand because I respect that they were the first one to make toothpaste, and also because they are all natural and I try to use all natural everything especially when it comes to my body.
    But I had no idea that the flavor was going to be so great and unique! Nor did I expect it to freshen my breath better than any toothpaste I’veve used before including crest. Dr. Sheffield, you have a customer for life.

  23. Latasha Austin

    Awesome product. Its has a nice minty flavor. I will purchase this item again

  24. Aida Laureano

    That it has no additives, and extra information about how the government gets fluoride into our bodies anyway.

  25. srdbama

    I like this and so does my kids.

  26. Nolan Anderson

    My wife and I have tried many “natural” toothpastes and this one is our favorite we have found so far. Good flavor and consistency while leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

  27. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    I bought this after trying Uncle Harry’s . This has a better consistency. The other is not thick enough to use with an electric toothbrush. It makes a huge mess. This is thicker, more like regular toothpaste. But it isn’t as refreshing, it’s a bit bland. Pro’s and con’s to each, but I will continue to use this.

  28. B. B.

    No fluoride, or chemicals, or flavors, from the Inventor of toothpaste and the tube.

  29. BarMar

    Good flavor. Chalky texture which I really like.

  30. Devon F.

    Can’t really notice a huge difference in my teeth whitening even after brush twice a day, like you’re supposed to. But as far as freshness and his minty it is, it’s GREAT! Still an overall 5 stars for me.

  31. J. Nelson

    I haven’t found a better fluoride free toothpaste. Great flavor, good consistency and non toxic ingredients. Can’t ask for more.

  32. Meka

    Good toothpaste not a whole alot foaming!

  33. LLS

    I love this toothpaste!

  34. Sparrow

    This is one of very few toothpastes I have found that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction. Teeth feel clean. 5/5 stars.

  35. jenny

    No fluoride, mild flavor, no chemicals.

  36. Ana Gabriela Rodriguez


  37. Barbara

    I was told by my dentist to not use toothpaste that has silica in it. All the usual brands in the stores have silica.
    Silica can wear down tooth enamel. Dr. Sheffield’s natural toothpaste works very well. I like the peppermint, too. I am happy to find Dr. Sheffield’s natural toothpaste is available online. I wasn’t able to find it in the one grocery store anymore recently.

  38. Kindle Customer

    Very pleased with this product, it doesn’t foam as much as the regular tooth paste; however, it creates enough foam to clean your teeth well and leave your breath refreshing.

  39. Son of a GV

    I was looking for a more natural toothpaste. I still prefer Colgate to really cleaning. That still leaves bad breath in the morning

  40. Sarah

    I purchased this because I wanted a zero waste packaging toothpaste. Don’t be fooled by the metal like appearance of the packaging. It is actually PLASTIC! Gross.

  41. AJ

    Makes me feel a little better about brushing my teeth and good at freshening my mouth

  42. Arif Habeeb Ur Rahman

    Love It fluoride free

  43. MAK1965

    Wow. It’ves so fresh and the feeling afterwards is so clean. Makes your mouth feel new again. Been using Dr Bronners fir a long time. This is the best I’veve ever had. Highly recommend!!

  44. Danielle and Seth

    This has a subtle flavor but still very fresh. My husband and I really like it!

  45. Adinah

    I don’t buy any other toothpaste.. this.. this is the one 😁

  46. Ana

    Great tooth paste! Love how clean my teeth feel and how fresh my mouth tastes after brushing with this toothpaste.

  47. Sabber

    This is a great product!

  48. fantasy girl

    My kid loves the chocolate toothpaste. I am definitely buying this product again.

  49. J Martin


  50. Zeek

    Not sure how much tarter control. They make a big deal on the tube that it does not have fluoride

  51. S. Rice

    love the flavor and texture. hope the metal tube is safe.

  52. Brenda Gonzalez


  53. caleb h.

    Never have I ever had a toothpaste that actually tasted good. It tastes just like mint whipped cream.
    And this is coming from a person who chronically like never brushes there teeth.
    I might actually brush my teeth more.
    Oh yeah, no fluoride.
    My only con it should have been in a bubble wrap envelope.

  54. Alma Q

    Excelente producto

  55. HLR

    I don’t like to buy toothpaste that has fluoride, I like to stick to the healthy types. I loved the Trader Joes Fennel toothpaste but recently it’s better to purchase items on line and this is a great substitute. It’s very minty and leaves your teeth feeling clean. It tastes great and its minus all the junk.

  56. Sharon V

    Great non-fluoride tooth paste. Strong mint flavor and it even makes bubbles- which I find most natural, non-fluoride tooth pasta lack. This one is a winner. I strongly recommend – especially this flavors – it’ves the mintiest.

  57. Janis S.

    I can’vet use products with whitening- this toothpaste is natural but with good cleaning and nice flavor

  58. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    The tube finished less than two months and I was not a fan of the after taste of the toothpaste.

  59. Abbie

    Best tasting natural toothpaste!

  60. leslie w.

    I bought another brand that was fluoride free and my kids hated it. They requested this brand and absolutely love it!!

  61. Avihai Nataf

    Very good product fast delivery

  62. Ed T

    Very good product.

  63. Grimaldi G

    Tooth paste.
    The only one that really cleans. Dont need go use much, a dadh is enough.
    I stopped using all other toothpastes.
    Try it, its pretty refreshing!

  64. Rick

    My grandson really likes the product.

  65. Rob O

    No unnecessary ingredients. Just the essentials, chemical free.

  66. carolina herrera silva

    De muy buena calidad y sabor

  67. GG

    My favorite natural toothpaste. I’veve tried so many kinds and always come back to this one.

  68. Chris S

    Flavor was good. I like this toothpaste

  69. Amyport08

    Works great as fluoride free option

  70. Jim B.

    Great toothpaste that leaves teeth feeling super clean. For those not wanting to poison themselves with Sodium Fluoride this is a great choice. Only drawbacks in my opinion are that it could be a bit more foamy and have the mint longer lasting like Crest with Scope does.

  71. KGV

    I do not feel like throwing up after use. It tastes amazing you can tell it’ves natural I have used “Natural” toothpaste before and compared to this non has come close. My teeth are clean no slimy texture after use. Paste is thick the flavor is good it does have that grainy cleaning feel that most toothpaste are missing. My teeth haven’vet been this clean since my last visit to the dentist. If Apple made toothpaste this would be it. Hands Down The Best!!!

  72. Alex

    My husband likes a lot this toothpaste, and he’ves using it for 2 years and it’ves excellent.

  73. D. Wilson

    Love Dr Sheffield toothpaste, one of my favorite!

  74. Brian

    Dr Sheffield’s natural toothpaste without florid cleans teeth beautifully. So happy to find a clean toothpaste.

  75. Lululalala

    Entire ingredients are good, and after using this, I haven’vet felt any dryout in my mouth at all

  76. Deb

    I had to switch from conventional toothpaste because my sense of taste felt like it was being affected. So I decided to try a natural toothpaste, and this one does the job. Has a great mint taste, not too overwhelming. And definitely feel like my sense of taste and smell are back! I highly recommend!

  77. Ula

    I absolutely love this stuff. It tastes great, works really well on my teeth and it’ves affordable. It’ves a little bit gritty instead of creamy which I prefer.

  78. Bassoonilla

    Love the clean feeling after brushing with this toothpaste. It is the best fluoride free toothpaste I have found so far. I wish that I was a couple of $ cheaper, because it does runs out fast. Good flavor.

  79. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    This is probably the best toothpaste that I’ve ever used. Perfect mint flavor, not overpowering.
    Teeth feel like they have been cleaned by a dental hygienist.


    The fact that it works great and does not rely on chemicals or additives,plus it is from one of the,if not the developers of toothpaste.

  81. Deborah J. Irwin

    Been using this forever. Taste great and made in the US win win

  82. Regiane

    After using this toothpaste me and my teen daughter doesn’vet like any other!
    You really feel the difference and clean sensation at first use! 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  83. Cel

    Love this toothpaste. I cannot find it locally.

  84. Shannon L.

    For those in the reviews who see the word xylitol…come on! Give it a Google before coming here to write a review and deterring others. It is a completely natural occurring alcohol in MOST plant material including fruits and vegetables. Do you eat those? Do you chew gum? Have you ever in your life chewed gum? The reason why they use it is because it’ves not harmful like sorbitol. Sorbitol is actually less expensive too so Dr. Sheffield’ves is really doing you a favor. AND xylitol won’vet cause decay like sugars do when saliva converts it to acid which is what causes tooth decay. It’vell be okay, Princess.
    The only negative thing I can say about xylitol is that it can be harmful to dogs. Even in small amounts. So keep out of reach from the pooches. Hide it in the medicine cabinet. Who knows what they’vere up to when you fake them out with the ghost ball too many times.

    This toothpaste is AWESOME. Chocolate is where it’ves at. Just give it a chance. It may change your life…. Or you may not like it and you can say you’veve been there done that. You just like to experience what life has to offer. Tip..If it’ves too thick give your tube a lil message. I mean you can turn the lights off and set the mood if you feel like it. Get adventurous. 😃

  85. william

    This is my favorite toothpaste! It taste really nice and leaves your breath super fresh

  86. Emely

    So glad I found it

  87. Cynthia Dell Italia

    Good tasting and not harsh!!

  88. econnie

    I have been using Dr. Sheffield’ves Certified Natural Toothpaste (Peppermint) for about 10 days, and so far I am very pleased. I bought it because of perioral rash that would not go away (that’s an inflamed redness around the mouth). I’ve been using Cetaphil to wash my face and Burt’s Bees on my lips, but rash was persistent. I read that fluoride and MSM (the stuff that makes foam) found in most toothpastes can cause or aggravate the rash. It was difficult to find brands w/o these chemicals, but Dr. Sheffield’s seemed to fill the bill. It seems a bit expensive, but you really don’t need to use a lot to clean your teeth. It does a great job, tastes great and leaves your teeth feeling very smooth. It doesn’t foam, but who needs toothpaste dribbling down their chin? I noticed in some reviews, people complained that you’re only supposed to use it 3 times per week, but that’s the SENSITIVE Dr. Sheffield’s, not the regular which you can use several times a day.

    To cut to the chase, I see a big improvement in the skin around my mouth in just 10 days. The skin both looks and feels better. I attribute the improvement to Dr. Sheffield’ves Certified Natural Toothpaste (Peppermint), because that is the only thing I have done differently.

  89. Nikola

    I won’vet be going back to commercial toothpastes, I really feel that this product is naturally made without toxic chemicals. My teeth and breath feel very nice and clean.

  90. Me-meow

    Natural toothpastes usually don’t clean very well, but this one does a beautiful job of polishing my teeth, leaving them squeaky clean. If I don’t get that squeaky clean feel, my mouth feels crummy all night and interferes with my sleep! It also keeps my mouth feeling fresh better than any other brands I’ve ever used. I lightly brush my tongue, too. And it doesn’t contain fluoride, which is what I was looking for. My teen kids like it, too.

  91. Kenny Riley

    Flouride free and great taste

  92. Michael H McNamara

    This is a review of the Dr. Sheffield’s® Peppermint Toothpaste flavour! The best part for me was that it didn’t burn while going thru chemo treatment for cancer, namely dealing with the mouth sores. Every toothpaste out there was some super duper mint and they all burned. Dr. Sheffield’s did not burn and my teeth felt clean as well. It also does not contain the ingredient “sodium lauryl sulfate” which is bad for teeth. Multiple reasons to use.

  93. William F. Taylor

    I have been looking for “real” toothpaste for years. All the drugstore toothpastes, like Colgate, Crest, Tom’s etc. are all gooey and do not squeeze properly and have a too wide opening so you use too much! This is real old fashioned toothpaste that acts and feels like it should not like the gloppy toothpaste you can get everywhere! I am delighted to finally solve a problem that has annoyed me for years.HOORAY!
    BTW virtually all toothpastes widened their openings so that the consumer would use more than they needed so the manufacturers would make more money! NO more of that for me!

  94. lwhite

    Great toothpaste, all natural without all the stuff we don’vet need.

  95. vivian siliceo

    This toothpaste tastes fresh, and I know my mouth and teeth are thoroughly clean without anything toxic in the ingredients. It also goes a long way, since just a dab will do it. Good product and not going to break the bank

  96. CHAD

    Works great

  97. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    She lost the ability to have foaming toothpaste when she got pregnant as for it made her nausea, This stuff has been a life saver and she actually said she will not longer use traditonal toothpaste and plans to stick with this.

  98. Mary

    This toothpaste is great. Cleans well, freshens breath, and the ingredient list is great too. Have bought this twice now and will continue.

  99. Nick & Rachel

    I have been trying different brands off all natural toothpaste for a while now. This one so far is my favorite! Love the taste.

  100. Robert Payne

    Dis was great dawg! I put in my mowf and it done works dawg

  101. dexter williams

    Taste good! Clean well freshen breathe

  102. Carolyn Salzano

    I like this toothpaste. I keep this one as well as Dr Bronner’s in my house. This has a slightly, very slight, oily feel compared to Bronner’s but it’s nice and does the job without all the chemical crap in it.

  103. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Flouride is harmful and this toothpaste is fluoride free and tastes great

  104. Bridget

    It’s not advertised for sensitive teeth but it has really helped. I can’t say why,but I have tried many sensitive toothpastes that didn’t work. It also whitens when others don’t. All around good toothpaste that has really helped. And tastes great too.

  105. The master of one

    Excellent product

  106. Hermodo Melendez Cordero


  107. Jen

    I’veve tried so many toothpaste products (Sensodyne, Arm & Hammer, Crest, Tom’ves, Colgate Sensitive) and every time, after 30 minutes, the skin inside my mouth begins to peel. This toothpaste is great and there is no more peeling. It also does not wear the enamel and I feel like it’ves actually helping with my tooth sensitivity issues. Teeth and gums feels great after brushing and the peppermint strength is just right. Will definitely purchase again.

  108. Jay

    Great taste and Product.

  109. Yo Momma

    Decalcify that 3rd eye baby! Momma don’vet like that jazz.

  110. joseph brady

    Not a lot of chemical ingredients used like other toothpaste s

  111. B. Reilley

    All good. Originals are best. You can tell how good by how long something lasts. This product has been around a long time.

  112. Ak

    I have been searching for a good replacement for Colgate – that is cruelty free and vegan but alas my search continues. This product tastes good but hardly any froth or freshness. Hopefully I come across one that I can recommend.

  113. Cindi

    I like these toothpaste so much is my second time purchasing it. It last so long and everyone loves it.

  114. Mark D

    Very nice taste, don’vet need much on the brush either to see results

  115. Ivory

    I found a piece of hard material inside of my toothpaste. It appears to possibly be a piece of glass.

  116. Twisted Time

    i like this brand. couldn’t find it in stores anymore. happy to find it hear for a lesser price.

  117. Dvegso

    What more can I say?

  118. SJay

    I love the fact it has no fluoride! The taste is great! I won’vet use any other toothpaste.

  119. Linda G.

    I love the flavor of this toothpaste, and the way it makes my teeth feel.
    I do wish it were just a bit more solid, but that would be my only minor complaint.

  120. Judith M. VINES

    This toothpaste is the best for fresh and clean feeling in your mouth. This product is tried and true. I highly recommend!

  121. Diana

    My teeth have never been whiter or felt cleaner. I love this toothpaste. The peppermint flavor is strong so if you’vere sensitive I’ved be careful.

  122. SWMom

    Best natural toothpaste I’ve ever used. I’ve tried a lot of them too. No micro plastics, no fluoride, no SLS. Just pure clean. Thanks!

  123. christoper edward mcclung

    Seems to be a good product for a great price.

  124. Customer

    Better than expected, world great and taste better

  125. Fancy Nancy

    I have been using “natural” toothpaste for over a decade – I have tried A LOT – Hello, Bite tablets, Tom’s, Dr. Bronner, Jason, Native, Auromere, and tooth powders. I believe this one is the Winner. It’s clean, very little foaming, no grit and fresh peppermint taste. I was brushing my teeth last night and my boyfriend said he could smell the “peppermint flavor” which he liked – He uses Crest 🙁 This brand gives you about an extra ounce (5 total ounces) and the tube is completely full. Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of ingredients and the price!! So glad I decided to pull the trigger on this one.

  126. Hilary Diamond

    I was afraid this would not taste as good as the popular poisonous fluoride brands but I was wrong. I love the packaging and the generous amount of toothpaste in each tube. I noticed in comments that some were having trouble getting toothpaste out of tube. *To open-the top of cap has a pointed end, simply screw into tube and a hole is formed then flip cap back over to close. I will be adding this to my subscriptions!

  127. Philip Barber

    Title says it all.

  128. MissD

    I’m a fan of this toothpaste. After discovering what’s in traditional toothpastes marketed by Corporate America, I couldn’t continue to use them. The taste of this toothpaste instantly reminded me of what toothpaste tasted like as a child. It’s similar to regular (minty) toothpaste, though not as foamy which is a good thing given the chemicals used to produce ‘foamy.’ I know there are alternative options, including making your own, which I will also try, but it’s good to have a tube option when ‘on the road.’

  129. Roseann Bischoff

    We have tried others but keep going back to Dr. Sheffields. Teeth feel so clean!

  130. Victorious

    Love, love, love this toothpaste! Has a wonderful taste and you need to use very little, so it will last a long time. Makes my teeth feel really clean!

  131. Erin

    I really like this toothpaste and flavor compared to other natural healthy toothpaste

  132. Panda

    Nice paste. Not to thin or thick. Tastes great and leaves the mouth feeling fresh.

  133. Lavonne Jackson

    Great product. Cleans great, taste great, work well for people who are allergic to tooth paste.

  134. Ashley Klein

    We love it!

  135. gabor s.

    Cleans well and helps to maintain long lasting good breath without the harsh chemicals.

  136. Sheryl

    I love that it’s a more natural toothpaste without sodium Lauryl sulfate that would burn the inside of my mouth and gums…my mouth is the freshest it has ever been!

  137. Joe M.

    Love this tooth paste and have used it for many years,love the sensative one too!

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