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Dr. Sheffield’s® Kid’s Chocolate Toothpaste

(115 customer reviews)

Dr. Sheffield’s Chocolate Toothpaste tastes like real chocolate! Ideal for kids and for your smile.



Twin Pack Size: 4.2 oz – 2 Pack (8.4 oz Total)


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Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 8 in

Twin Pack


4.2 oz, 8.4 oz ( 2 x 4.2 oz)


Brush thoroughly, preferably after each meal but at least twice a day, or as directed by a dentist or physician.


Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Water (purified), Glycerin, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Xylitol, Yucca Schidigera Leaf/Root/Stem Extract, Smilax Aristolochiifolia Root Extract, Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) Root Extract, Quillaja Saponaria Molina, Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf/Stem Extract, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Resin Extract, Iris Florentina (Orris) Root Powder


Cap is a choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years old. Parents should never leave children unattended while brushing.




Give your smile the love it deserves with our natural toothpaste, because nature knows best – even with a hint of chocolate!

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Treat your teeth to the goodness of nature and the delight of chocolate. Who said brushing can’t be sweet?

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Spotted our chocolate-flavored certified natural toothpaste inside an Easter egg! Don’t shy away and try our all certified natural sweet flavors!

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We're craving chocolate, what about you?
Dr. Sheffield's Chocolate Toothpaste tastes like real chocolate dropping all the inconvenience of artificial flavors!
So yummy you could almost eat it.

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Dr. Sheffield’s chocolate toothpaste, the natural choice without giving the flavor up

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When you’re in mood for chocolate, cinnamon and berry we’ve got you covered. Dr. Sheffield’s toothpaste helps your smile and your taste buds. Hold, tap and taste the magic!

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Indulge in a sweet twist to your dental routine with Dr. Sheffield's chocolate toothpaste

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with guilt-free flavored certified natural toothpaste! Try our chocolate toothpaste and never go back to regular toothpaste again!

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You're the chocolate to my heart 🍫

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Try out chocolate toothpaste, you'll both love it!


115 reviews for Dr. Sheffield’s® Kid’s Chocolate Toothpaste

  1. SEngle

    Has some flavor but not a whole lot. Don’vet really taste like chocolate. Seems to work okay. I got it for my teenage son who hates to brush his teeth he is using it so I guess that’ves a plus. It’ves okay.

  2. Ange Combs

    I bought this for my son as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Since there were 2 in the package, I also gave one to my neighbor’s daughter. Both of them were inspired to immediately brush their teeth and they each said that it tasted great! I’m so glad because my son doesn’t always choose to brush daily. Thankfully this toothpaste makes it less of a battle. I also like that it’s natural which I feel is better.

  3. Ash

    Great ingredients, the kids love the flavor! I love the old timey appearance of the packaging. Great product!

  4. Cynthia_marie

    Since using this toothpaste, I have not had any sensitivity. I had tried all the dentist recommended brands and nothing worked. After a few days of using this, I noticed a difference. I won’t use another toothpaste!

  5. Hello from Mass

    Due to allergies I have issues with mint toothpaste. They are too strong and all make me cough. So decided to give this a try. It smells like chocolate and makes brushing so much easier.

  6. badgerbadger104


    I have been saying I was going to order chocolate toothpaste since I found out it existed. Sure, it’s for kids. Do I care? Not one bit. Did I order it? You bet I did. Was it all that I hoped it would be? Good Lord, yes.

    Flavour: This is straight up tastes like chocolate cake batter. It almost tastes wrong. Toothpaste isn’t supposed to be fun, or taste good. This tastes amazing. No weird aftertaste.
    Size: Medium sized tube. Two tubes. I was going to share, but nope, that’s not happening.
    Texture: Doesn’t really foam unless you use too much. (I tested) It is more paste like than the boring old toothpaste that you can get anywhere that has no fun value and makes brushing your teeth a routine chore. Leaves a good clean feeling in your mouth, just clean. Not …sanitized the way some of the minty toothpastes can. You could probably even drink orange juice safely after brushing your teeth, but I’m guessing here because I hate orange juice.

    I admit that I found that when I crave sweets, I will now go brush my teeth instead and it quells the craving. Seriously, it does! And no, I do not do this every time, I am not THAT good at adulting. I am, however, good enough at adulting that I am not outright eating the paste.

    Helpful Life Pro Tip? There is another frou-frou chocolate toothpaste for kids that is $15+ for one tube that has less toothpaste volume/weight/whatever. They taste very similar, and I prefer this one. For reasons. Get this one.

    Arrived in two days: two boxed tubes taped together. No damage.

  7. jhs

    As a chocoholic, I have searched for years for a toothpaste that tastes like chocolate, with disappointing results — until Dr. Sheffield’s. The favor is outstanding! As for how well it does the job as a toothpaste, I can’t comment, except to say that my dentist has always said that I don’t even need toothpaste on the brush, since the simple act of brushing well with the toothbrush is what matters.

  8. Lisa

    I loved the flavor, since it is like eating chocolate, without causing tooth decay!

  9. ~lua M~

    It tastes so good! I don’vet know why people say that it’ves hard to open because it’ves very easy!

  10. Renee Looper-Ochoa

    I love chocolate. So I had to try this. I have braces & regular toothpaste is too minty. It burns my mouth. This doesn’vet foam as much as name brand late but my teeth do feel clean.

  11. JF

    My child loves chocolate and always picks chocolate toothpaste at the dentist for cleanings. Being able to have it at home too is great! The flavor is reminiscent of Tootsie Roll, in my opinion. I have used the paste myself and like it, but it doesn’vet leave my mouth feeling as fresh as mint toothpaste.
    As for the packaging, the top is screw-on, which can be difficult for little hands and can get lost/dropped easily. It is big enough to let the tube stand up though.

  12. Michelle

    We love this toothpaste! Highly recommend!

  13. ReviewQueen

    I love the taste of this product, but it’ves a bit more gritty than I’vem used to, and left a strange texture in my teeth. I wiped my teeth off with a cotton round after to remove the texture and it helped. This irritated my gums a bit but it tasted really good.

  14. andres

    Rico sabor a chocolate en verdad parece chocolate real

  15. R. M. Torres

    This toothpaste is wonderful and it leaves your teeth very clean without all the suds and it’s fluoride free Which is great! and it’s a good value for the money.

  16. Martha Scott

    Okay, the packaging is so pretty. I love it, it looks like lotion, and is just generally fancy.
    And the flavour is incredible! It tastes like chocolate frosting. It’s SO GOOD.
    It has this grainy after-feel. I can’t stand it. I tried mixing it with mint toothpaste, which helped, but then I’m using two tubes, which is less convenient than sticking with the mint.

  17. Emily D.

    I do not mind mint toothpastes as long as they’re gentle. I like to mix it up and wanted to try this flavor. Apparently the chocolate flavor is for kids. Whoops. I enjoy the taste very much. I do no think it whitens like their other toothpastes I have used, which in hindsight makes sense considering it is geared towards kids. I do not feel like my teeth are overly clean after brushing which results in longer brushing. I would not buy this flavor again because of the lack of whitening power as well as the lack of cleaning power.

  18. julia ny

    I great toothpaste for people who don’vet need or want fluoride in there toothpaste.


    My Oral Hygienist recommended using Chocolate Toothpaste and my research led me to this product. Overall, I highly recommend this as part of your daily oral hygiene program.

  20. wolfie

    This toothpaste tastes like delicious cake frosting! On first use it was a little unusual, but after the second or third try, it turns out it is quite good. Great ingredients and a decent price on top of the good flavor make this a product we will use regularly.

  21. Brittany c.

    I felt like i was cheating brushing my teeth. It’s amazing taste. Slightly odd feeling foam while tasting chocolate. I don’t feel as fresh as peppermint but my teeth feel clean! Trying it on my toddlers next! Y’all should make mint chocolate one!!

  22. Brianna

    I hate regular mint toothpaste because my teeth are sensitive. I purchased this toothpaste in hopes of a pleasant experience, and it was VERY enjoyable! It’s marketed towards kids, but I don’t care; I’ll continue purchasing this toothpaste because it’s affordable, delicious, and functional!

  23. Jayne N. Lewis

    Our 17 year old son absolutely hates mint flavored anything. He also doesn’t like anything fruity flavored. So, getting him to brush his teeth is almost worse than pulling teeth! Mint toothpaste literally makes him gag and has since he was a toddler. So our dentist (who has continually urged our son to brush his teeth despite hating the flavor) suggested this chocolate flavored toothpaste. It doesn’t have fluoride in it. But the fact that our son is now brushing his teeth every day without us having to get into a daily debate about it with him makes the trade off more than worth it! I have not tried it myself. But our son says it tastes just like chocolate. So I believe we will be putting this product on our reorder list! I imagine it is pretty rare for a person to hate the flavor of mint so much that it makes them gag. I am quite thankful that he enjoys it enough to use it. We are all very glad that his breath no longer constantly smells like burnt rubber mixed with garlic. I pray this will also help to reduce all the dental bills he has cost us! If you have a very particular, finicky family member or friend who hates the taste of mint – give this chocolate toothpaste a try! It just might do the trick!

  24. Kim

    I love this flavor. It is like brushing your teeth with candy. I also love the fact there is No mint which can cause heartburn after using mint toothpaste.

  25. John J. Seymour, Jr.

    This toothpaste was purchased for an adult with with an extreme sensitivity to mint toothpastes. She loves this toothpaste, the only negative being that it does not contain fluoride since it is a children’s toothpaste. Other than that it is a great product.

  26. Jesse

    I got the chocolate one but it doesn’vet really taste like chocolate it only does for 2 seconds but goes away

  27. Rachael B

    It’s like brushing your teeth with CHOCOLATE PUDDING!! I will never not buy this toothpaste!

  28. Judy

    My grandson & great-granddaughter are enjoying the flavor & are brushing more often!

  29. Customer DT

    A chocolate flavored tooth plaster that the kids love & is fluoride free as well… quality stuff… not just a gimmick..
    I’vem actually really impressed… I tried it myself and it blows my mind how much cleaner my teeth feel compared to using or usual crest.
    Don’vet think I’vell even go back! 😳❤️

  30. The Gaul

    Wow. Like brushing your teeth with chocolate mousse ! Also, with the added myrrh, which, if you havent heard, really glosses up your teeth and gives em that nice gleam..I seriously would reconmend treating yourself to this and skip the calories of whatever chocolate decadence you’vere thinking of indulging in instead..just don’vet forget to spit it out when you’vere done !!

  31. Andromeda

    My grandson wanted to try this and loves it. Who would have thought of chocolate flavored toothpaste! He said it is good! And he is using it. Decent ingredients compared to traditional toothpaste.

  32. KeithFITNESS

    big fan. im not sure of the effectiveness of the toothpaste, but its delicious and i look forward to brushing my teeth because of the chocolate 🙂

  33. Rachel Lynn


  34. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Taste like chocolate cake.

  35. Samantha

    Great vintage style box and tube. Flavor is indeed reminiscent of chocolate, exactly what I was looking for. Leaves teeth feeling clean without the mint burn.

  36. Cindy Y.

    Best thing I got for my daughter, bad thing is I tried it myself and don’t like to share. I don’t want to give it back, but she got mad. Wish I was a kid again.

  37. Student

    I loved the feel of this toothpaste in my mouth and the result on my teeth. Tastes yummy to me. Don’t expect a premium Lady Godiva choco flavor, but like the chocolate on top of a hoostess cupcake. The retro tube (plastic) will stand on cap if you wish to display. Would make a great stocking-stuffer or even in an Easter basket.

  38. Savannah

    This toothpaste tastes and smells SO good! It’s like a chocolate mousse except it makes my teeth feel very clean. Im an adult and it hits the spot for craving something sweet that won’t add sugar or weight. I love it so much I bought it for my grandma as well and she loves it too! The only con is it doesn’t foam as much as regular toothpaste but I am still planning to buy more when my supply runs out.

  39. Danielle Moore

    I love this toothpaste and it actually taste like a brownie but my mouth still and smells fresh.

  40. Jean Souza


  41. K. J. McFad

    I had to buy it and try it to believe it. Great for adults and kids. I never thought I’d be brushing my teeth with chocolate.

  42. Rebecca Goodrich

    I hate using minty toothpaste in the morning and then drinking my coffee. This chocolate toothpaste is ridiculously good, not weird at all like I thought it might be. It tastes like chocolate milk! And my mouth felt fresh and clean but not minty so my coffee wasn’vet disgusting. It was so good I might just brush my teeth when I’vem craving a little chocolate lol

  43. Robyn

    Hint of mint scent or flavor would be perfect.

  44. Veronica Williams

    This is a God-send. Pregnancy gag reflex would not tolerate much, but this toothpaste doesnt make me sick. It also doesnt leave that nasty slimy film on your teeth like alot of other “natural” toothpastes, but my teeth still feel clean all day. And oh my gosh, chocolate??

  45. John C. Maldaner III

    I bought this from among some suggested products when my favorite toothpaste was out of stock. I’vem underwhelmed by this toothpaste. It’ves doughy in texture. Basically doesn’vet leave a fresh taste after brushing. Not a bad taste or disagreeable aftertaste. But, just sort of blah.

  46. Maria mamsen

    I absolutely love this toothpaste!! Tastes just like chocolate cake. Leaves your teeth feeling very clean, and fresh!! The flavor is so yummy. Thank you! Fast delivery too!😀

  47. ⛧ eli ⛧

    i struggle with depression, which has withheld me from taking proper care of my teeth. normal toothpaste is extremely harsh on my teeth due to this and makes brushing my teeth an overall very painful process, which makes me not want to brush my teeth even more. this toothpaste not only tastes good but it doesn’vet hurt my teeth or gums and still leaves them pretty clean. i definitely recommend using these if you struggle with your hygiene and want to try to get in the habit of taking better care of yourself. you got this!!

  48. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Bought this for my son who hates brushing and now the whole family uses it! It legitimately tastes like chocolate… no mint at all! Makes it easier to get the kids to use toothpaste. I still use regular mint paste that whitens because i prefer the minty fresh but they all love it!

  49. bwattelet

    Love the chocolate tooth paste. My family and I started brushing after every meal as recommended. Noticed that with normal tooth paste our teeth were hurting and becoming more sensitive. We made the switch. It’ves gentle, taste like a tootsie roll. We noticed a difference in a week with the color of our teeth being more white. Kids enjoy brushing and can’vet wait to try other flavors! I’vem a customer for life!

  50. Scottnuwer

    For me it tasted like a fake chocolate, like one you would taste in a lip balm as a kid. My son loved it!

  51. Lacey

    I didn’vet know what to expect with this, but as a person who hates mint flavored anything I wanted to give it a try. It’ves not overpowering, and when you brush it looks like normal toothpaste so it’ves not like.. a disgusting brown color as I was anticipating. It does really taste like chocolate but still made my mouth feel clean. Take a chance on this weird toothpaste!

  52. Tearle

    I got this for myself because I struggle with very severe depression so brushing my teeth is a battle anyways, and the mint toothpastes are too strongly flavored and hurt, which makes not want to brush anyways.
    I got these as an attempt to find something that’d motivate me to brush my teeth more often and this definitely helps. Not a strong flavor, doesn’t burn and isn’t overly foamy either. Definitely rebuying when my current stick runs out 🙂

  53. Robert From NY

    The taste is great! Everything you ever wanted in a tooth paste. Buy it now!
    I am not being paid. I do not work for the company.
    I like this flavor better than the others.
    Wintergreen is OK but this is great.
    I will try their other flavors.

  54. Baldev

    We love it

  55. Outta Control

    I am unable to deal with strong mint flavors. It is something that came on after adolescence. That makes it nearly impossible to find a toothpaste I can live with. I was a huge fan of one of the two big brands that made a vanilla mint and chocolate mint. I bought an entire case of the vanilla mint once they stopped making it. I tried to do the same with the chocolate mint but couldn’vet find any at a reasonable price.

    I am now completely out of the chocolate mint and was looking for something to replace it. I tried lots of children’ves toothpastes in flavors like strawberry, watermelon, grape and on and on. I didn’vet like any of them. That led me to another search and I came across this brand in a chocolate flavor. I plunked down my money to try yet another.

    I was not impressed. It seems to have very little flavor at all. It also doesn’vet foam up very well. This may be good or bad. My teeth did feel clean after using this product so I guess it functions as a toothpaste. I just wish the flavor was a bit more noticeable. Don’vet tout it as chocolate flavored if it’ves not really chocolate flavored.

    I read where someone said it tasted like chocolate cake batter. While I’veve never eaten raw cake batter, I assumed I would get a strong flavor. Maybe that person was using a huge amount of the product. I was always taught you only need a pea sized amount. Oh, well. Back on the hunt for something else.

  56. Shotta.Poison

    Loved this stuff, Great taste and didn’vet leave my mouth feeling like I brushed with sand, like a lot of the other fluoride free pastes do. Unfortunately I must be allergic to something in it as it burned my mouth and left sores after a few uses, went away when I stopped using. Still giving 5 stars since obviously it’ves not the products fault I’vem allergic, just my crappy luck.

  57. Sahara R.

    Pleasant, mild, hot-chocolate flavor. No foaminess, a little gritty but not unpleasantly so (like baking soda toothpaste but without the baking soda flavor). However, I’m knocking off a star because the tube is INCREDIBLY difficult to squeeze the toothpaste out.

  58. Goodcat


  59. Katie Long

    Kids love it so do I

  60. Topher

    Not a strong flavor at all, actually kinda pleasant to brush with. Makes you think it’s not actually cleaning 🙂

  61. alexis

    didnt realize it came with 2 packs so that made me happy and the flavor is good, not exactly like chocolate but close

  62. Charles B. Ireland

    I loved the chocolate flavor and so did my granddaughter. I gave her one tube and I’ve been using the other. I will be ordering more soon for both of us. No fluoride, which is great for kids who haven’t got their permanent teeth yet. It might help them get in the habit of brushing. I like that it doesn’t ruin the flavor of my breakfast fruit juices and of course I want to avoid fluoride.

  63. Arlene Curcio

    Bought this for my son. He hated the toothpastes on the market. So I got this and he loves it.

  64. A. Jones

    This has become my favorite toothpaste of all time. I was a little unsure if I wanted CHOCOLATE toothpaste, but I can now say that I am in love. I also like that it has more natural ingredients. Sure it says “for kids”, but there are other chocolate toothpastes that seem more for children. This is a great chocolate toothpaste for adults.

    I’m definitely going to buy it again. Highly recommend.

  65. Misti Moonshine

    I bought this for myself after trying another flouride free option and not loving it. I was VERY skeptical of brushing my teeth with chocolate but somehow they’ve made chocolate feel fresh! This tastes incredible like pure chocolate fudge. But as I mentioned, you still get that fresh feeling/taste when you’re done brushing. Of course, upon learning of my chocolate toothpaste, my 3-year-old actually ASKED to brush her teeth! Unheard of. And she loved it! Although it is only day 1, I’m hoping this will lead to a lot less fights to get her to brush. I love this toothpaste and I’ll definitely be repurchasing it when we run out.

  66. Nobody Special

    Yes, it’ves for children. Am I a kid? Not unless 47 is childish. This toothpaste taste like chocolate mousse. It’ves the best! Fluoride free too. That made it an easy switch from Tom’ves to Dr. Sheffield.

  67. Crystal Ababon

    Video Player is loading.

  68. Yinyogini

    I hate mint toothpaste. This is a great substitute. I like to mix it with my Hello Strawberry flavored toothpaste. It’ves a little pricey, but worth it.

  69. chanmer

    We love this toothpaste! It’ves a nice change from mint. It tastes like hot cocoa and then has a nice fresh feeling to it. I think it’ves the tea tree oil. Then your mouth feels fresh and super clean after! Love it!

  70. Nicole W

    I was skeptical at first and took a while for me to buy them (why can’t I buy just one tube?!) but it’s sooo worth it! It actually tastes like chocolate. The texture is kinda like chocolate mousse. It doesn’t foam, but the taste is very good. It’s not at all like eating chocolate. The flavor reminds me of things that are flavored exclusively with cocoa powder (without the powdery or chalky texture).

    If you’re unsure, I really recommend you try it out!

    Also, how in the world is this a kids toothpaste?! The design is not appealing for children. Also, the tube doesn’t have a large base so it’s difficult to make it stand, and it’s not as big as the typical toothpastes you buy at the store (which I personally like).

  71. Jean P

    Good product tastes good and no floride. Having reactions with toothpaste with mint making gums red
    Even my dentist said my gums have improved

  72. hannah hill

    Smells and taste like desert!
    My three year old is excited to brush his teeth now

  73. Molly Palmer

    I’ve added this to my toothpaste collection for after a chocolate bar, when I know I should brush my teeth, but I don’t want to spoil the lovely taste in my mouth. This toothpaste is decadent good!!!

  74. A. Essex

    While I am not a kid I do love this toothpaste. I really have never liked mint flavored toothpaste and have always gone around and looked for alternatives. Previously I used crest vanilla mint but it is no longer in production so I had to go out and find something new. This toothpaste is what I picked and it is great. I love the taste. It is very similar to chocolate frosting. One big benefit I have gotten with this toothpaste is I no longer get canker sores like I used to. I previously would get a couple a month and they would last a week or so. Now I have at most 1 every couple of months and the last under a week. This alone makes the toothpaste a winner for me, and the taste is an amazing bonus.

  75. Kindle Customer

    It is very good, i love the flavor, very realistic chocolate taste, smooth texture, my new favorite toothpaste.

  76. Layla

    I bought this because someone told me it tastes like brushing your teeth with frosting. Another person in a review mentioned it’ves like cake batter.
    Naturally I was enticed!

    Sadly it tastes very fake. Like a tootsie roll. The initial fake chocolate flavor is very fleeting and then it is overpowered by botanical flavors like tea tree oil which come off a little minty. It’ves not a bad toothpaste… but it’ves a far cry from a chocolate dreamy flavor.

  77. Joshua Tuck

    This really does help my kids to want to brush their teeth. I tried it myself and It’ves just weird but tastes good. I just prefer minty flavor for toothpaste.

  78. Dakota Koncz

    I bought this because I hate mint toothpaste and wanted to try it. It’ves okay, kind of an underwhelming flavor that dissipates fast but it’ves alright. Wish it had fluoride so I use it along with a fluoride toothpaste

  79. JadeOliver

    I’ve always struggled with brushing my teeth (I’m almost 21 now), realizing a great deal of it was that I didnt like my tooth pastes, I hate strong tasting overly foamy tooth pastes. I brush my teeth every night now using this, it smells just like chocolate frosting from a container, but I’ll admit once its actually in your mouth it doesn’t seem as accurate. BUT, it doesn’t make me gag, the taste is actually still enjoyable, it has not made my gums bleed like others, it doesn’t feel like my mouth or gums are on fire, or like my teeth hurt. I only wish they also made an alcohol and mint free mouthwash as well, then I would be all the more pleased. I highly recommend this product for anyone who dislikes mint/wintergreen, overly foamy toothpastes, worry about chemicals or fluoride ingestion, or like me has just always HATED brushing my teeth. *Parents*, if I had this stuff when I was younger/had it sooner I would have been brushing my teeth sooner

  80. C713V

    I like the flavor and no after taste effect.

  81. Dustbunny

    Grown up chocolate toothpaste?! HURRAY!!!!

  82. Michael M.

    Taste good and feels great on the teeth!

  83. Deepthi

    The quality and taste of the toothpaste is amazing !!
    Must try
    Love their other flavors too

  84. NickG

    My son doesn’t like the taste… his fav is chocolate, but he doesn’t like this one

  85. Maci

    This toothpaste (chocolate) is AMAZING. It came well packaged and a two pack at that price is phenomenal value. I hate mint toothpaste, I’veve always found it so overwhelming PLUS I’veve been looking to switch to a natural, fluoride-free toothpaste and I’vem glad I took a chance on this one. Even though it’ves marketed as for kids, it has all the ingredients I need as an adult. Tastes is PHENOMENAL, it literally tastes like a tootsie roll to me. It almost feels like you’vere doing something wrong by brushing your teeth with it, but my teeth feel just as clean as the previous product I was using. The texture is a little thicker and grittier than regular toothpaste, but that seems to be common for more natural pastes. Definitely try this. You and your kids will LOVE it if you enjoy chocolate. I will never go back to a traditional toothpaste after trying this product.

  86. BosPof3

    Recently figured out that I am SLS sensitive, it gives me a dry, scratchy throat, and this is free if that. Tastes amazing, and my daughter loves to mix it with her fluoride toothpaste at night.

  87. Bradley D Beal

    I refuse to use anything with fluoride these days as I feel that its not a naturally occurring product. I was optimistic when I purchased and thought I would take a shot on this. The toothpaste tastes great! My teeth feel fresh and clean and there is no long term aftertaste. Great purchase and will buy again!

  88. David J Yaratch Jr

    Great product, Tastes great and works well.

  89. Irene D. Muneses

    Wasn’vet the best tasting toothpaste. Fresh taste.

  90. Lord Farquaad

    Nice quality

  91. BrandonAlexIII

    Tastes just like chocolate cake! I was surprised to find chocolate toothpaste so wanted to try it for fun. So glad I did, I’vem converted. There’ves no mint or anything just tastes straight up chocolately. I’vem also a 38 year old man but you only get one life and mine will have chocolate toothpaste in it!

  92. Richard Talbot

    Tastes great, works well and the kids think it is a treat.

  93. Alex Delehanty


  94. Chris young

    I’vem 25 years old, I had a very bad tendency of not brushing my teeth. Maybe 3/4 times a month if that. Due to not enjoying mint, it’ves disgusting in my opinion honestly. But this right here changed my life. Now I have no urge not to brush my teeth. Taste good, feels clean when done, AND I ACTUALLY WANT TO BRUSH. For anyone that struggles with this issue, but isn’vet afraid to try new things, I strongly recommend.

  95. J. Hair

    I bought the Chocolate and Dr. Sheffield’s® Kid’s Strawberry Banana Toothpaste flavors together. Looks like therefore, online is lumping the 2 together, which is how I will write this review. Already tried to do them individually, and it keeps coming back to the chocolate, even when I try to do a review on the Dr. Sheffield’s® Kid’s Strawberry Banana Toothpaste, so, again, will do the review on both at the same time.

    I had been buying Dr. Sheffield’s toothpaste at my local drug store for a time, and loved it. Then I saw that it was available in flavors and HAD to try it. I didn’t realize at the time it was technically meant for kids lol. Nonetheless, it’s a great product. Chocolate flavor tastes like the real thing, but isn’t overpowering. Just enough of a hint of flavor to make you forget you’re brushing your teeth with toothpaste. The flavor rinses clean, and doesn’t linger. Everyone’s taste buds are different, so this might not be the case for you, but for me, I didn’t have that after taste you’re left with, with some toothpastes.

    The Dr. Sheffield’s® Kid’s Strawberry Banana Toothpaste flavor is awesome as well. Actually, to me, within a few seconds of being in my mouth, the flavors blend together to taste like bubblegum. As with the Chocolate flavor, taste is not overpowering and doesn’t linger after rinsing. Just enough flavor to enjoy the brush and forget you’re using toothpaste. Your kids, or you, if you like trying different flavors as I do, are sure to love these.

  96. Maria

    I have a really hard time finding toothpaste that my 5 year old daughter enjoys. If you’vere in the same boat this is your solution!! She enjoys brushing her teeth but never enjoys the flavor until now. I tried it as well and it’ves authentic chocolate fudge taste. A+ for flavor!

  97. Desi Red

    This is my favorite toothpaste. No Sls ans no fluoride. The price is reasonable too.

  98. Cassandra

    I like the packaging and the flavor. Really tastes like chocolate. I took off one star only because I prefer the toothpaste to make my mouth feel fresh with mint. This is advantageous for people wo hate the tingle of mint in their toothpaste. Overall the ingredients look good and it does clean my mouth.

  99. Michelle N. Mills

    My kid is “peppermint aversive” and gags at the scent. So I have to look high and low for any toothpaste that she won’vet barf over. She loves this chocolate toothpaste!

  100. Molly Krause

    I always put SO much on my toothbrush. I legitimately enjoy brushing my teeth with this .. it feels so decadent, ha!


    It’s basically mint and chocolate, not bad at all. The chocolate isn’t too strong either.

  102. Anastasia

    It gets my autistic to be more willing to brush his teeth! He loves the flavor. It also really helps his sensory sensitivity because it’s not as foamy.

  103. Jake

    It actually tastes like real chocolate and your teeth feel clean and the aftertaste isn’t weird either.

  104. S. Huang

    Texture of this toothpaste was a bit more liquidy, so bear that in mind when squeezing from the tube. It’s probably a medium/average cost toothpaste. The actual tube is smaller than the box, about 2/3 the size, but it’s still a decent amount of product. I find I have to use a pretty good schmear to get the job done. It’s ‘for kids’ and (this curious adult). It doesn’t foam much, but just enough to get that cleaning feeling. It has the taste like slightly sweet, subtle, cocoa powder without the buttery richness of full on chocolate. That’s fine, though – it also lacks any appreciable powerful, bracing mint flavor, which for someone who suffers occasionally from stress and canker sores, is appreciated, but also may be helpful for those who have sensitivity to the mint flavor. Can’t speak for others in its line but it’s very subtle, enough cocoa flavor for novelty. I do like it. The two pack means each tube is about the cost of a standard Crest/Colgate thing but a few ounces less product. Looking at the ingredients it’s very natural! Orris powder/Iris powder, fascinating. Those Sheffields!

  105. StarCat

    This product is okay, but compared to R.O.C.S. chocolate caramel, it leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, that is no longer available, so I tried this. It still has the chalky undertone of toothpaste, but it does taste a bit like chocolate. I would prefer if the chocolate taste were a lot stronger. Of the chocolate toothpastes I could find, it seemed to be the best value.

  106. Katt

    Subtle flavor similar to chocolate taffy. Not super sweet of course, and does not foam like crazy. Makes teeth brushing much easier and less overwhelming experience, if you have sensory sensitivities this is a good brand.
    Leaves me feeling fresh and clean, and my teeth looking white just like normal toothpaste.

  107. Traci

    This is a great toothpaste for the price and it doesn’t have fluoride. I removed a star because the aren’t making the chocolate flavor anymore. (I don’t know that I would give it to a child as I had a hard time not swallowing it. LOL

  108. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    Mint tooth paste is not my preferred way to wake up. The chocolate is much less harsh on my taste buds. Now I can brush my teeth in the morning and feel good after!

  109. Gail E.

    Wow this chocolate toothpaste is so delicious tasting I want to brush my teeth more often. It whitens my teeth better than whitening toothpaste & leaves your mouth tasting so amazing. I had to order 6 more to make sure I never run out. I would highly recommend this & make sure you order lots before it sells out.

  110. fyyfx

    This is marketed to children but I bought it for myself so I had some variety. I’ve found having a variety of special toothpaste flavors and brands motivate me to keep up with my oral health care. This toothpaste tastes great. It is chocolate-y and does the job.

  111. Robert c.

    This stuff is awesome. It is good enough to eat.

  112. Mattilyn

    As someone who struggles with brushing their teeth this is awesome. It tastes great and keeps your breath fresh and teeth clean. 10/10

  113. Ava

    I bought to use for myself bring a dental hygienist. You don’vet need to be a child to use this to clean your teeth. In reality when you remove plaque you can do that just by using plain water and a toothbrush. I was looking for something interesting and all natural to use. Chocolate was a great choice! This is so delicious. You do have to get used to the fact it won’vet foam up like traditional toothpaste. I’vem also not opposed to Flouride so I will use this intermittently because the enamel on your teeth do benefit/need flouride. I do wish there were a Flouride version but I still would recommend this to my patients for motivating them or their children to clean their teeth with. Enjoy!

  114. Armand B.

    Was always a task brushing my four year olds teeth. This is a game changer. My son absolutely loves it and now enjoys brushing his teeth.

  115. Dr. Sheffield’s® Customer

    I will go out of my way for this toothpaste. It doesn’t gag me like the others doesn’t leave that mouth full of soap feeling. It just seems to be fresher, flavors are great and natural and the whole family has their favorite of these, berry, banana, chocolate, you name it

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Dr. Sheffield’s® Kid’s Chocolate Toothpaste
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