Since 1850

Dr. Sheffield invented toothpaste and
was the first to put toothpaste in a tube


  • Started his Dental Practice

    In April of 1850, Dr. Washington W. Sheffield moved to New London, Connecticut and began a long and successful practice in dentistry and dental surgery. Dr. Sheffield became one of the most successful dentists and dental surgeons in the United States.

  • Created the First Toothpaste

    Dr. Sheffield conceived of a ready-made tooth crème in the mid-1870s and was using it on his patients. To this crème, he added various extracts of mints that left a very pleasing taste in his patients’ mouths. His patients were very happy with the product and they eagerly requested samples of the toothpaste.

  • Toothpaste in a Tube is Born

    Dr. Lucius T. Sheffield, Dr. Sheffield’s only child, traveled to Paris to study dental surgery. One day, Lucius was watching local artists paint. He realized the collapsible tubes they used to squeeze paint onto palettes could be used to squeeze his father’s toothpaste, making it much easier and more sanitary to use.

  • First Registered Trademark

    Dr. Sheffield and his son called this product “Dr. Sheffield’s Crème Angelique Dentifrice”. This product was the first toothpaste and it was sold in collapsible tubes. Dr. Lucius T.Sheffield registered the trademark of that first toothpaste in 1881

  • Dr. Sheffield’s Original Factory

    Initially, Dr. Sheffield was making toothpaste batches at his dental office in New London, Connecticut. When the demand for his toothpaste rapidly increased, he built a laboratory and manufacturing facility behind his residence.

  • Original Recipe Book

    Dr. Sheffield’s original recipe book was found. Sheffield’s R & D department got quickly to work designing a new natural toothpaste inspired by his work. A formula that would honor the world’s first natural toothpaste.

  • Dr. Sheffield’s Toothpaste is Reborn

    On January 14, 2017, Dr. Sheffield’s Certified Natural Toothpaste was born.

SINCE - 1850