1What is Dr. Sheffield’s Natural Toothpaste?
Dr. Sheffield’s Naturals is a Certified Natural fluoride-free toothpaste flavor that actually tastes good. Based off the original recipe, created by Dr. Washington W. Sheffield from more than 168 years ago, with beautiful packaging that is reminiscent of simpler times, Dr. Sheffield’s Naturals is back to claim its rightful stake as the inventor of modern toothpaste.
2Where is it available?
CVS, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, Rite Aid, Harris Teeter, Harmon Discount, Albertsons, Safeway
3What is the price?
$5.99 – $7.29
4What makes Dr. Sheffield’s different than other natural toothpastes?
In our opinion, Dr. Sheffield’s Toothpaste tastes great! Too often, natural products sacrifice taste and texture. Our goal with Dr. Sheffield’s was to create a product that was natural, and provided a taste, texture efficacy that people would expect and love!
5Why choose fluoride-free toothpaste?
Many people may not know that they receive a dose of fluoride not only from Fluorinated water, but from many of the foods they eat and drink. Many feel that additional Fluoride in toothpaste is not needed, and Dr. Sheffield’s Natural Toothpaste offers people a great tasting, Fluoride free alternative.
6How can I be sure Dr. Sheffield’s Toothpaste is made with natural ingredients?
All our recipes are certified by the Natural Products Association, an independent association that audits and certifies all the natural ingredients used to make our products. To learn more about the Natural Product Association, visit www.npanational.org/
7How is the toothpaste flavored?
Dr. Sheffield’s Toothpaste uses natural sweeteners, such as Xylitol and Stevia, and natural flavor extracts, such as Peppermint, Spearmint, Fennel, and Myrrh.
8Is Dr. Sheffield’s organic?
In our recipe we use organic Coconut Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, and organic Aloe leaf extract.
9Do all the flavors use the same formula?
There are small differences in each recipe, but the base of each product the same, and is based on the original recipe Dr. Sheffield developed over 160 years ago.
10If the product is all-natural, what is the ingredient that makes teeth white in the Extra Whitening formula?
Rather than use synthetic, harsh bleaching chemicals which can harm the tooth enamel, our whitening formulas use two natural Enzymes. Bromelain, derived from the Stems of Pineapples, and Papain, derived from the Papaya. These Enzymes gently remove foreign material from the surface of the teeth which can cause discoloration.
11Does Dr. Sheffield’s toothpaste contain gluten?
Dr. Sheffield’s Premium Natural Toothpaste contains no Gluten.
12Do you use artificial sweeteners in your toothpaste?
Never, we like our toothpaste naturally sweet!
13Does it contain alcohol?
Our products do not contain alcohol!
14Does the toothpaste contain any toxic substances?
Dr. Sheffield's Toothpaste is the perfect alternative for consumers who prefer to limit their intake or exposure to certain ingredients that may accumulate at toxic levels with over use. Our Certified Natural products do not contain Fluoride, Saccharin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or other synthetic and artificial ingredients that can be found in other toothpastes.
15Is your toothpaste tested on animals?
We never test on animals!
16Will the extra whitening recipe make my teeth sensitive to hot/cold?
Since Dr. Sheffield’s Whitening Toothpaste does not use harsh, synthetic bleaching agents which can cause tooth sensitivity, using it should not cause any tooth sensitivity.
17Who is Dr. Sheffield?
Dr. Washington Wentworth Sheffield was an American dental surgeon who invented modern toothpaste. With the help of his son Lucius T. Sheffield, he was the first person to place the paste in collapsible tubes for public sale. He also made important contributions to the fields of Dentistry and Dental Surgery and later started the Sheffield Dentifrice Company.
18Is Dr. Sheffield’s made by a large corporate company?
No! Sheffield’s Certified Natural Toothpaste is made in historic New London CT, on the same site that Dr. Sheffield invented Toothpaste in a tube over 160 years ago! We are a privately held company, and very much a part of our community in Southeastern Connecticut. All our products are manufactured in New London, CT and never outsourced.
19How has the integrity of Dr. Sheffield’s recipes been maintained all these years?
The Sheffield company has been on the same site in New London, CT since 1850! We have Dr. Sheffield’s original formulation and recipe books, and we are a privately held company committed to maintaining our heritage and Dr. Sheffield’s vision.
20 Why has the company decided to launch the toothpaste brand after all of these years?
We saw that natural products were in demand, and we felt that the natural toothpaste market, which is dominated by one brand, did not offer consumers a choice for a great tasting product which was effective. Who better than Sheffield, the originator of toothpaste in a tube to introduce an alternative?


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